Locked Out

Finally, I can get my income tax statement done today. Yesterday I received my secret code to get back into ‘My Account’ at the Canada Revenue Agency.  They had locked me out last week when I tried unsuccessfully to get into ‘My Account’ too many times.

It all started back about 3 weeks ago. Income tax is a good time for me because I get a return. However, procrastination is my middle name. Then I caught a cold and got pink-eye which went into my ear.  I spent a couple of days lying on paper towel, feeling miserable, not able to think clearly.

When my eyes cleared up I got my T-slips in order and sat down to ‘do my taxes’. I have the same program and My Account has been good for about 5 years, its been easy-peasy every year.

This year it wouldn’t make a new file for 2015 so I went to CRA to see if I could find out why. It seems I needed a new program so I went to My Account to download it. It said My Account had expired and I needed my SIN and last years tax statement. I’ve always done it on-line. The return on my computer didn’t have the “Line 101” they were after. I had all the numbers but didn’t know the specific number they wanted.

My head was still not clear from all the mucus so I would go through my files and piles then say ‘F*#k it, I’ll try again tomorrow.’  I’ll go through everything again because there has to be some piece of paper somewhere with a damn ‘Line 101’ on it. Everyday I would try to sign in again to download a new program…. hoping it would just let me in.

By the end of the week I had gone through every file and box of papers I could find but no ‘Line 101’.  Only ‘Line 150’ so I took a chance, I entered ‘zero’. That’s when they locked me out.  I had to phone CRA, sit on hold and wait to talk to a person. She said My Account should not have expired. (TEE HEE!) and said she would send me a special code to open it up again…. that’s sent by post, not e-mail.

Yesterday I got the code…… today I do my taxes…… Knock on Wood!


2 thoughts on “Locked Out

  1. I had to do my son’s FASFA for school – yes I know he should be doing that – took me all day. They were asking me passwords and ID codes I couldn’t remember. Finally found it written on a folder with all the other info. Took me all day, but now it’s done. I start sweating when I think about doing it! Glad you got back into your account! ~Elle

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