Renovating Superhero

I would be the Ravishing Renovator; able to do renovations with just the wave of my hand. Or maybe a little stick with sparks flying out the top.


That old, shallow, grey tub with the yucky walls…… gone! Et Voila! a beautiful deep bath with shiny clean walls.  Since I’m mystical I might as well make holographic walls that make you think you are in Fiji or the Caribbean.

That old countertop….. no, wait, I’m magical……. the whole damn kitchen completely renovated.

After I’m done my place I could hire myself out, work part time and be rich!  And beautiful, of course. Totally believable!

Maybe if think really, really positively and CHOOSE to be a renovating superhero, it can happen……..

oh crap

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

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