Expecting Rain


I was expecting to wake up to rain today but the system has stalled. Yesterday I did all the work I needed to do outside; mowed my lawn, changed my furnace filters (propane furnace is outside) and moved some firewood into the woodshed. My arms would not let me finish the woodpile but I did more than I expected to do.

Yes, now I have some firewood on top of my slab wood. Most of it, though, is in the woodshed. It’s OK to get rained on because my woodshed is full of dry, stacked wood. I love that feeling. I admire it from my bedroom window.

The nursing home my aunt is in now is expecting seven nightgowns. My sister usually looks after her needs but seven nightgowns is a lot to ask for. I’m going to our local town’s Bargain Store and hope I can find something suitable. If I was a different person, I would drive 50 minutes to WalMart.  I would expect to find her kind of nightgowns there. But it’s Saturday and I’m working tomorrow. I do not want to spend a whole day and lots of money because I will buy more than nightgowns if I go to Walmart. Not to mention use a lot of gas doing it.

No, I will get cleaned up, put on some eyebrows and go to town. That will leave the afternoon to just relax. I’m expecting rain.