Too Soon

The thing I dread about winter the most is having to drive to work when the weather is bad. This week has been very nice…. seasonally chilly but sunny.

I’ve been off work all week and enjoying catching up with housework inside and out. I haven’t written this week because I didn’t want to spend half the morning sitting in front of my computer. Every morning I’m gung-ho to clean this place up and get some outside chores done. By 2:00 I’m burned out and don’t care anymore.

Yesterday, I did the dreaded trip to Town and Walmart. I received my last good paycheque for a while and thought I’d better get all the little things I had been putting off. I had a list of stuff to look for at Walmart but didn’t have much luck.  I looked for storage things for my bedroom but decided it was all too expensive and bought some cheap plastic baskets on sale.

After winding all through the store looking for various items, then doing my food shopping, I realized the belt to my raincoat had fallen out.  Damn, damn it!  I retraced all my steps trying to remember everything I’d looked at: shelving, bathroom stuff, blankets, makeup……. crap, lots of crap…… No belt.  A woman took my name and phone number at the Customer Service but was so damn rude I can’t believe they would ever call me.

I was in Walmart for an hour and a half. That’s crazy-making.

It always brings me down; shopping in town, I spent too much and waste a day. I try to bolster myself up with “at least I have a day off and money to spend” “at least I have a job” “at least I have a home…..”   I feel I’m always using these crutches to keep me ‘on my feet’.

This weekend I am working Saturday and Sunday, which is OK with me because I don’t do much on the weekend anyway.  But they are calling for snow squalls starting Saturday night and possibly going into Sunday morning. It has to be just the time I’m going to and from work.  Damn.

At least I have a job. At least I have a car……. damn.

And, yes, this is WAY too early even for Canada!