Polishing My Knuckles

Daily Prompt; Tell us about something you have done recently that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

003This may look funny to some but I’m proud of my new walk-way. I needed something there and don’t have much money so I was so happy to be given these. They are thick and heavy, not like the flimsy little ones I was thinking of buying that were still too much money for me to spend.

My new neighbour is a nice young man, respectful of an older woman like myself and put down the slabs for me. He admonished me, “Let me know if you want to move them around, don’t move them yourself!”

I just smiled. No way was I going to get him back to shuffle them around. They are heavy and hard to move, even for him, but I knew I wanted to move them around and make something more visually appealing. I had a lot of broken pieces to work with.

I sat on a garden stool and dug out the grass to make it wider.

004 I only did two stones a day but while this project was going on, I did it every day off I had. It was the main thing on my mind.

They were very heavy. Before I started the project I did this and numbered the slabs with soap.


That wasn’t how it turned out exactly but it helped a lot. I wrote about the problems before;




While I have the opportunity to brag, I’m always very proud of my firewood. I do it myself.

(Wait a sec:  I buy it cut and split. I certainly do not split all this wood, I wheelbarrow it from my driveway and stack it myself.)


Darn, I wish I had moved that tarp before I took the photo.  Here’s what it looks like right now;

002 Yeah, Mother Nature has given us a preview of things to come. I drove to work in a freezing, slushy mess getting freezing pellets going and driving home.  Today doesn’t look much better and I’m working 2:00 to 9:00. Bummer.

I guess that’s bragging about how tough I am, too.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Right to Brag.”

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