SoCS: ungodly

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is starts with “u.” Find a word that starts with the letter “u” and use it however you’d like. Bonus points if it’s the first word in your post.

U got that right, Linda! Scorching heat, steaming heat with the humidity. Its ungodly . . . as in hell.

I remember not having an air conditioner. We would have a heat wave for a few days but nothing like this. We could get by with fans. Now I am so grateful to have air conditioning. Heat, like last weekend literally makes me sick: I don’t handle heat well at all. At least in the winter I can bundle up and go out on the trail. Summer is the only season I don’t go in the woods.

Unnatural. But it is nature so I guess its natural now. What I really hate is having to close the curtains in the afternoon as the sun blazes into my west facing windows. I really feel stuck in the house. I ran out to water once a day and felt like my head was exploding. For 4 days I did this; I was having pandemic isolation flash-backs!

But now its over. Yesterday I mowed my lawn, all of it. Today I’ll do some weeding. The mosquitoes have subsided. Even they don’t like extreme heat.

It looks like I’ve run out of ‘u’ ideas.

4 thoughts on “SoCS: ungodly

  1. I hear ya. I don’t do heat well at all, either. Right now, east of you (don’t think I’m south, I may actually be north!) though it is now a blessedly cool 56 F, although the day is early. Yes, thank the deities for a/c. I’d be… well, I don’t want to think where I’d be without it.

  2. I used to do better with heat than I do now. Dehydration is a real thing so drink lots of water if you go out. We’ve been having weeks of temps in the 90s. Today’s high is in the 80s – what a relief! Makes me want to move north, but apparently that’s no guarantee.

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