SoCS: wallpaper

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wallpaper.” Use it however you’d like.

Wallpaper? Now what made Linda think of wallpaper? I am imaging her thinking up what to use and looking at a wall with wallpaper.

I’ve done wallpaper a few times, years and years ago. But I did one small wallpapering job here I will share with you.

I wanted a backsplash for my kitchen but had very limited funds and I wasn’t about to take on my first tiling/ grout job. What I really wanted was texture. Something like the old tin ceiling tiles.

Or washable wall paper. One day at Home Depot I found a roll of paintable embossed wallpaper. A big roll of it in the bargain bin for $26! Then I bought a can of white, high gloss enamel kitchen paint.

I just checked to see if I still had the photo of the fresh project in my phone and I do! Good thing because I would have to do some cleaning up to take a photo now. I probably saved it so I could show someone: look at this economic backsplash I made with paintable wallpaper! Now I finally get my chance thanks to Linda!

I noticed it was taken in 2019 so its holding up well. I’ve only done wipe downs and it cleans nicely. However, I mostly cook vegetables in a wok-style frypan and never cook meat so the splash factor is lowered considerably.

The other easy change I made was getting really pretty crystal-like knobs. I saw the ones I wanted but I needed 20 and that was too much money. I kept looking for affordable ones. One day it hit me; just buy 2 or 3 every time I go to Sarnia! My sister took me out for my birthday and got me 4 more. I had 20 knobs within the year! But I’m not bothering to take a photo because this post is about wallpaper.

I’m staying in all weekend because its hotter than hell and so humid my windows are fogged up this morning. The local beaches have e-coli warnings. This is getting bad, folks!

paintable wallpaper

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