SoCS: key

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “key.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or use it metaphorically. Have fun!

The key to happiness is. . . The key to success is . . . It seems like happiness and success must be locked away somewhere. Some say its inside us. Some say outside of us; we just aren’t visualizing properly.

I bet if I Google imaged search “the key to . . . ” I’d get a lot of things but I’ll wait until the end of my stream of consciousness.

The key to happiness and contentment is understanding the Mind. Its never enough. We never think we have it good enough or have enough stuff. We may be temporarily satisfied but it won’t last. . . the Mind will want more and better. We always look at what we don’t have. And even though I know this; I still have to keep reminding myself how damn good I have it.

The key to success . . . hell, I’ve never even looked for the locked door! The success I’ve had depended mostly on my gut feelings when my brain was barely functioning properly.

I had thought of Mon-key Pox. I used to think I couldn’t possibly get it but found out that may not be true: I read you can get from cash. My ex gave me some cash and I used it all over the closest city to me. I even ate a chocolate bar and licked my fingers afterwards! Then immediately screamed in horror! Spit into my sleeve. . . ptuu ptuu! (I was driving home). And that was just for Covid and other dirty money germs. I didn’t even know about the cash/monkey pox connection. (Which I still haven’t confirmed anywhere else)

Holy Moly! I looked on Google for the key to happiness and there are a lot of them! So many keys to happiness and success I couldn’t put them all in here. How can we not be happy and successful already? But I did find one that included the other. . .

Albert Schweitzer was a philanthropist. I have no doubt he loved what he did and considered himself a success. Good for yoouuu, Albert Schweitzer. Let’s hear it for all the people working hard in low paying jobs, trying to make ends meet. This statement bugs me so much I’m putting the SoCS photo on top of this post so readers don’t think I’m saying this.

On the other hand: now I’m retired and I love it when I don’t have to do anything.

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