SoCS: zip, zero, zilch

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “zip, zero, zilch.” Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you use all three.

Did my income taxes. It was the usual; “enter zero”. That’s where you do all the work to do what they already know. Back in the olden days we got two sheets; one to do in pencil and another for the good copy done in pen. That’s where we enter the numbers they already sent us and figure out what we owe . . . or not.

I used to get refunds when I was working. I would pay income tax but would get some return as I was always low income.

My sister just called me and I lost my stream of consciousness. Do I go back and read what I wrote? I started out with zip, zero, zilch. Now I have a bunch of people in my head.

Ok I read it again but it is no longer my stream of consciousness. My consciousness is moving outdoors: I have so many jobs I want to do outside but only have half as much energy as I need to do it all. After two or three hours my arms just give up on me. I start stumbling when I get that tired. I work until I have nothing left. zip, nada, zilch.

And that’s all I got left on this SoC: zip, zero, zilch.

3 thoughts on “SoCS: zip, zero, zilch

  1. Perspective time 🙂 You say that “After two or three hours my arms just give up on me.” 🙂 Literally, for me, my chores? I have to do in 10-15 minute sessions because my knees or left arm go out. I’m in awe of your “three hours” 🙂

  2. That certainly is a stream of consciousness in progress! I haven’t done my taxes yet. I am almost always done in February but there were so many changes in my life I just can’t stomach it, and with no income, what’s the point. I think I paid my fair share in sales tax! Ask David! I have deliveries every day! Lol

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