SoCS: too/to/two

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “too/to/two.” Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you use all three. Extra bonus points if you start your post with one.

To write or not to write; that is the question. Should I start writing when I have no idea what I’m writing about? That is stream of consciousness.

I was too busy this week. Everything scheduled for this month landed on the same 3 days. It was busier than I like to be but it turned out very good for getting back out into the world without anxiety.

Anxiety; I learned something from Brene Brown last week watching her special ‘Atlas of the Heart’. The series is about understanding your own feelings and how to communicate them to people so you can forge a deeper connection. Anyway, she said when you are anxious it feels the same way as being excited. So true! I had never thought of it that way.

I learned more than that but what stayed with me the most was ‘language’. She mentioned how important language is in communicating to each other and that language is cultural. For instance there was a discussion on how to translate ‘anguish’ into Spanish: there wasn’t a word. There were German words used where there is no word to translate into English.

A few years ago I attended a seminar called “Bridges Over Poverty” about the effects of generational poverty. There were statistics that children raised in poverty had only 30% of the words; the vocabulary of children raised in the upper class. If you don’t have the language to express your emotions and are not taught to express your emotions, then you can only act out in violence of some sort. The anger and frustration gets packed down until it explodes. Then the child is punished and the cycle continues.


I started out telling you about my busy week but that came out of it instead! I don’t want to write two subjects: that would be too much. Ta-daaa!

5 thoughts on “SoCS: too/to/two

  1. Very informative. I never thought about the physical sensations of anxiety and excitement being the same or at least similar. I guess it’s the thoughts that make the most difference. So maybe next time I’m anxious, I can nudge it to excited. Hmmm. And that statistic of kids in poverty having 30% of the words. Wow! I would never have guessed that much difference. I wonder if teaching emotional words in schools would help.

  2. I like the conversation you and JoAnna just had about anxious/excited. I hope I can remember to language that over in my brain the next time I get anxious, because excited is more fun. Isn’t SoCS interesting? Like you, there have been many times when I have just said “nothing to write” but sit down to write and 400 pages later 🙂

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