SoCS: what’s a row?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a phrase you grew up with.” Include in your post a phrase your mom/dad/grandparent/sibling used all the time when you were growing up, or just write whatever inspires you based on that phrase.

My mom was from Yorkshire and my grandparents moved here to Canada because both their daughters married Canadians from the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) after WW2. They had a lot of funny expressions and words but for some reason the one I remember still the most is the most puzzling.

If I would say “I’m hungry” my mom and/or grandma would say “And I’m angry and there’ll soon be a row” That’s not ‘row’ like a row of something lined up, its pronouncing like ‘cow’. I just looked it up in my Merriam Webster dictionary: its entry 6 of 6. ‘rau. “to engage in a row: have a quarrel”

I remember asking what a ‘row’ is and told it was a fight. It implied that saying I was hungry might start a fight or certainly make them angry. Could I get beat up for being hungry? Maybe its just an old fashioned way of saying you are hangry.

I was with my mom and my aunt at the airport in Toronto waiting for someone to fly in from England. I was an adolescent and they were both “in their Prrrrime” as they liked to say: rolling the ‘r’ like Maggie Smith in the “Prime of Jean Brody”, they loved that movie Their heads both turned slowly in unison watching a pilot walk by. When he was out of earshot my aunt said “Oooo, he’s got talent!”. They laughed and banged elbows and told me that’s what they used to say as they checked out the enlisted men at dances. Obviously they had a special place in their ‘hearts’ for pilots.

Its really great to remember them like that; in their Prrrrime.

OMG I found the perfect clip on YouTube!

6 thoughts on “SoCS: what’s a row?

  1. I enjoyed the clip, especially the part about recognizing your prime whenever it may occur. I don’t think I saw the movie but seems there was a song I loved in the early 70s, “Jean” which I think may have been from the movie. ?

    • You are an Canuck at heart , or do New Englanders say ‘hoot’ too? The Pentaverate on Netflix doesn’t seem to be popular but its very Canadian!

      • I *am* a Canuck at heart! Getting more so by the year. My bff is a Canadian, and I know a fair number of y’all (definitely not Canadian word 🙂 ) Then we had Trump and I wanted bff to adopt me. Then you now have legalized pot and get gummies delivered to your doors via Dudley Dooright. But hoot? Not sure where I picked that up. I’m guessing Michigan and, well, that could have a Canadian influence?

        I have no idea what New Englanders say, for the most part. Shu-wah for “sure” and wicked… that’s about it for my knowledge. 🙂

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