SoCS: Uh, oh!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last photo you took.” Take the last photo you snapped. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at it? That word is your prompt. Enjoy!

“Uh, oh” That’s what I said before I even looked because I already knew the last 4 photos I took were of my pot plants. There is an explanation other than I love my pot plants: our Women’s Cannabis Club met in person on Thursday! We have been meeting once a month on Zoom and have never met in person! Just going somewhere was elating then being with 25 or so women who love cannabis was joyful! We were giddy just being out and with each other! Not all are smokers: some are big proponents of CBD, salves and tinctures. But, OMG, what a relief and joy to meet some new women! Like-minded women! I took the photos in case we were showing off photos of our plants. But we didn’t; we just talked about them.

But this is supposed to be “Uh, oh”. Cannabis and “uh,oh” go together a lot. I’ve had a lot of “uh,oh” moments on cannabis. Like when you discover you ate too much edible. “UH, oh!” Be very careful of edibles! I do NOT recommend them to newbies . It can be a very unpleasant experience.

Back when it was illegal, I dreamt I came home from work and police were coming out of my back yard. “Uh, Oh!”. One of those; “Thank God it was a dream!”

Then there are the times I have just smoked and someone, whom I don’t want to know I indulge, will knock at my door. I peek out the window, “Uh, oh!”

Similarly taking a shower during the day, which I do often if I’ve been outside working. If I’m dirty and sweaty I’ll take off my work clothes and get right in the shower. During this pandemic, when no one should be knocking at your door, I’ve had 3 experiences of getting out of the shower, still in a towel, with someone knocking at the door.

“Uh, oh” well, more like “You gotta be kidding!”

You know, if cannabis was not legal here, I would have to skip today’s prompt or pass my pot photos to the guided painting I did this week. I sent it to our program director so she could post them on Facebook. I am no artist but I’m really starting to enjoy these once a month art sessions. I took the “Wholehearted Inventory” from Brene Brown’s website and one of the questions was; “Do you stop yourself from doing something creative because you are not good at it?”

“Uh, oh!” The answer was yes!

“Uh, oh!” Now I have to put up those photos. I will use the SoCS photo first so they don’t show up in the Reader.


I just wasted way too much time trying to figure out the ‘crop’ option or make them smaller.

My stream of consciousness has moved on . . .

I want to try this again to get the clouds right. The sky and clouds are supposed to be blurry

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 31, 2021 | (

7 thoughts on “SoCS: Uh, oh!

  1. What a fun post. “Uh oh”s… yup & yup on the edibles. It has been a while but one epic one involved a hike down a small cliff to get to No. CA beach, a heavy old metal cooler, and well, some crying. 🙂 I’ve just googled Brene Brown’s site because the question from there that you posted? My answer is always a screaming YES. I’m getting too old for me to care, ya know, and I should just be the crazy-old-lady-who-does-weird-art-shit-that- isn’t-very-good-but-bless-her-heart. And your plants look marvelously healthy.

    • Once you know you did too much, its too late!
      I’m listening to BB’s podcast, a 6 pt series with her sisters, and she mentioned it. go to then there is a ‘guest of imperfection’ hub for the Wholehearted Assessment.

      • Did it. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sooooo much weighted on the left-hand side of the slider vs right hand. I’m in “that” spot. I really thank you for putting that mention in about her, in your post and comment. She looks like an interesting source, and probably just the kind of thing I need at the moment.

      • Another one she mentioned; the Neff inventory. Another test to find out how messed up we are!

  2. Painting silhouettes is fun. Speaking of fun, I like your bathtub planter. Thanks for the warning to be very careful of edibles, especially for newbies. I’m curious about the risks. I told my kids they could make me a special brownie when I’m 80 if cannabis is legal by then. That’s only 15 years away!

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