SoCS: wee

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wee.” Use the word “wee” or find a word that contains it and use it in your post. 

There may be a wee problem today linking this to the SoCS site as the URL doesn’t seem to be linking. I have to look how to fix that but it will taint my SoC.

I’m a wee bit stumped. . . .

Today I am going to be at the beach with some wee ones: my grandnephew who isn’t that wee anymore but some friends are bringing their wee ones. I have a wee bit of trepidation because its Saturday, its stinking hot and the beach will be crowded. Not a big fan of crowds to begin with and now I’ve been isolated for so long its even worse.

I got my hair cut on Tuesday and couldn’t believe how noisy it was with the hair dryers and music.

Yesterday I went to an optometrist that is in the big SuperStore. They had a bench set outside of it to keep physical distance. The detention bench, it felt like. I sat out there to fill out my forms then got the first test with the air puff. Sat out again to wait for the optometrist who did the second test and put the drops in. Sat out on the bench for another 25 minutes waiting for the rest of the test.

I started to go a wee bit crazy with the last wait which was supposed to be 10-15 minutes but they were juggling 4 patients. The fluorescent lights, the noise, the people walking back and forth in front of me; it really hit home how isolated and quiet my life has been. I got dizzy at one point and my eyes were reacting to the drops. I couldn’t wait to get home again.

During the whole thing I had to go wee twice which was OK because the bench was practically beside the washroom which was hot, damp and smelled like wee-wee.

Finally I got to pick out some glasses. Can’t wait to get them!

I had two pairs of sunglasses that go over regular glasses and a hat for the drive home. Not very good vision for the drive and could feel a wee headache coming on. Oh, to be in my cool, dark, quiet living room once again.

Now . . how do I link the link?

Yay, did it? It only took a wee bit of looking around.

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