SoCS: colours

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “color/colour.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or pick a color and write about it–use it any way you like. Have fun!

Thank you, Linda for including the proper spelling. (kidding) I don’t mind that other countries do not include the ‘u’ in many words but they wiggly underline our spelling as ‘wrong’. WordPress should be more inclusive.

Almost every frigging thing I have is blue. I really noticed it doing exercise on Zoom. Blue walls, blue couch, blue clothes, blue shoes . . . one would think my favourite colour is blue. (See that? No, you don’t! TWO wiggly red lines!)

My favourite colour is the green out of my windows. I did my kitchen light green, have my indoor plants by double doors so its a green space.

You can see the guest room walls from the kitchen. I had a can of paint left over from my blue living room and some light mint green left over from my kitchen. I mixed them together for the guest room, a light turquoise, the colours blend beautifully!

I think my brain likes the colour blue. Its not conscious: the vibrations go into the eyeballs and the brain says yes. Does that make sense? But then sense is conscious.

I like purple, too. I goes well with blue.

I love the green in this photo.

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2 thoughts on “SoCS: colours

  1. If I had to pick a favorite color, or colour, it would be blue. It’s all over my kitchen. The green outside the windows is a close second. Nothing beats the colors and colours of nature.

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