SoCS: new/ old

I completely forgot to do the prompt last Saturday. And I’m down to only doing this prompt. Its an old blog; I don’t write many new posts.

But I can talk about my old/new friend. Remember a few weeks ago, I said I wouldn’t tell a friend I had a blog because then I can complain about her? Well, the time is here.

She’s an old friend because we were friends between the ages 10 – 15. Then we moved apart and lost contact for 40 years! We know it was forty years because we went to summer school the year of Woodstock; we were 15. That was the last year I saw her.

About a year and half ago; I found her on Facebook. We were so excited! After a whole lifetime apart; she seemed like a new friend. She came to visit. then she came to visit again. And again.

She was here in August for four days and it was difficult. She sleeps in until about 10:30 then spends hours on social media. I’m not exaggerating; hours talking about American politics and we’re Canadian!

Now she’s coming again. She doesn’t ask if its OK; she asks “when’s a good time?” Kind of hard to say I’m too busy these days! I don’t want to ruin the friendship but I also don’t want her to come. Its too soon to have her again for 4 days.

We are in the Second Wave of Covid now. Numbers are rising again. Last night the Ontario government re-issued restrictions to only see ‘people in your own household’. That’s me. Just me in this household. I am hoping she will take that literally and cancel her trip.

What’s NEW is great! Zoom has been a boom! I have an exercise class, a game, a chat room and the local Women’s Cannabis Club. I’m a new member so it was my first zoom meeting on Thursday. My mental health has improved so much thanks to Zoom! I’m starting to like it more than going out!

Now I have to actually do some serious housework. It’s generally tidy but since I know no one can ever drop in anymore…. I’ve been lax.

Why won’t my old friend just be happy with the new Zoom?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “new/old.” Use either or both of the words “new and old” any way you’d like. Bonus points for starting and ending with either one.

4 thoughts on “SoCS: new/ old

  1. I think it would completely reasonable for you to tell your friend that with being n the Second Wave of Covid and numbers rising again, you’d rather her not come in person, but to stick with zoom, talking on the phone, etc.. If she manages to come anyway, go about your business and don’t let her stop you from taking care of your own needs. Go Zoom! Zoom is also better for the environment. I had a small group that met in person, across town. I like it a lot more on zoom.

  2. Forgive me for saying it but absolutely not. I’m the one in our family that draws the hard line – my in laws came to town this weekend and wanted to get together but I wouldn’t because they’re out and about doing way too much for my comfort. It’s not easy to make the unpopular choice but you have to put your health first (and it sounds like it would be better for your mental health, too). Put it plainly, say you aren’t going out or having anyone in your home, and do not bend. She cannot stay in your space without permission. Good luck.

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