SoCS: trick

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “trick.” Use it any way you’d like.

I learned 2 new tricks on the computer this week!

One I discovered yesterday called . Pages and pages of faces to put your face into. A friend posted a photo of herself as a sexy witch but she is young and beautiful and can get away with it. And I get tired of people putting themselves out there as so much better looking than they really are. What’s the point? Hope they never see you again? I will gladly show my photo at the end, sans eyebrows which was necessary for the photo. After the official SoCS photo because I don’t want to see me in the reader.

The other trick I learned was screen-sharing on Zoom! I was reading 10 definitions out loud in my Zoom Balderdash game, twice sometimes 3 times.

I got a game going with my group I volunteer for. The program director collected the definitions and screen-shared them; reading them out only once and letting everyone read them. So much better! I immediately went to copy and paste all my definitions for that night onto a Word document and and friend walked me through screen-sharing.

The only downside of this was that my cursive was getting so much better writing them all out.

Another trick I will mention is a Canadian show ‘Trickster’ on CBC.

So many cultures have The Trickster. Not evil but mischievous which is still pretty darn scary. Nobody wants a mischievous spirit playing with their head.

I just realized I have been spelling and therefore pronouncing mischievous wrong all my life: I have been saying mischevious. Hmm. That would have been good for last week’s post about bad spelling.

Anyway, Trickster, on CBC. Its really good!

I’ll go back and finish off my stream of consciousness by going to get some links which is bending the rules but a link is really a neat trick.

And then I’m going back to ‘face in the hole’ to make one for my grandnephew. Maybe the whole family. What a fun trick!