SoCS; sup

‘Sup? Well, I’m going to London and meeting my sister who will drive us further downtown to Sunfest.  I hope to buy some things: a white top, jewellery, anything patchouli and sup on some fine vegetarian food. Oh, so much vegetarian food I can’t even decide what I want.

Thursday I went to Grand Bend for lunch and a show at the local theatre. Really, I really did. It was with my ‘group’, Open Doors. They took 30 of us in a bus (a very hot school bus) downtown for free time, then lunch then bussed down to the theatre. All paid for. It really is an amazing program. I’m half volunteer and half group member.

One of the ladies who has some mental challenges had never been to the beach. ever. And she does not live far from great beaches. We got her down to the water, helped her take off her sandals, and she put her feet in. She was pretty excited; told everyone at lunch she went swimming.

We drove past Sobeys on our way to the theatre and I did one of those tongue out, thumbs in ears salute….. is there a name for that? I worked there for the last four summers and it was hell, Hell I tell you!

The show was “Cruisin’ the Classics”. If you have read my blog in summer’s past you may remember me complaining about 50’s, early 60’s classics music they played all summer at work. Same songs everyday. It could drive a person insane; Palisades Park, Hello Marylou, You Can’t Sit Down! oh yeah, good songs if you hear them once every 10 years.  Torture every day. That was the music at “Cruisin’ Classics”  Three girls and three guys singing all those songs.

I get that shit stuck in my head. Yesterday I couldn’t stop; “Wise.. men.. say….” oh no stop! get out of my head. “… but Ieee …caaan’t …hellllp……”  Aauugh!

I’m going to hear a lot better music today! It’s an international music festival. And bonus; it’s not too hot! Like yesterday which was so perfect I couldn’t be indoors. I did some weeding then actually laid out in the sun, covered in sunscreen of course.

Well, that’s what’S up with me.  Have a great weekend and be kind to those working to serve you.


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