RDP: dart


The nice thing about where I live is that I can just dart down to the beach, dart back to my house and dart back down to the beach. I never do that but I could if I wanted or needed to.

The thing about darting out is losing your parking spot. If its hot enough to go to the beach its going to be crowded. After all, this is the best beach for kids and dogs and its free. Luckily we can go during the week when it’s not as crowded.

standing room only at Ipperwash Beach



Today is a beach day; my sister is bringing my grandniece and a friend her age. I’ve been waiting a month to give her the boogie board I bought her for her birthday. The beach is only fun with the kids. I don’t ever dart down with my boogie board by myself …..although I might make that one of my ‘things to do now that I’m retired’.

I missed beach days working at the grocery store the last four years. It was in a crazy busy beach town, the crowds and traffic were terrible; by the time I got home I did not want to drive down to the crowds at the beach.

Phew! I just darted off to try on my bathing suit because I have a few things that don’t fit me anymore. Luckily it still fits although I’m going to wear a tank top over it. That floppy white blubber will be covered this year.

And I have to do some shaving. (sigh) I only do it when needed. Its getting tricky seeing it and finding the right spot on my bifocals. There’s a site selling bathing suits with longer legs which I really want but they are in Hong Kong. I don’t know why that makes me hesitate but it does. Now I have those bathing suits all over every thing I look at on-line. I’ll give you the link, there are some nice old lady bathing suits;


The other darts I want to mention are the huge dragonfly like monsters that are out. They are as big a hummingbirds this year. In the evening they are up the in air about 20 feet and cavorting with each other. I think insects are flourishing in this climate change.

Well, Time to get ready for The Beach!