SoCS; Rain

Rain! Please, we need rain. I’m so sorry to wish this on a Saturday but we need it here so badly. This area seems to cut rain clouds in half and send them north and south. It’s so frustrating to watch the radar moving across Michigan then just evaporate as they approach us.

It’s cloudy and the mosquitoes are ferocious. My 2 rain barrels are down to dribbles that take a long time to fill a bucket. If I walk away from the filling bucket I’ll forget and let it overflow, loosing precious rainwater. Standing by the bucket in a cloud of mosquitoes is a bummer, too.

Going outside is a major commitment of sunscreen and bug spray. The other day I tried to hang my wash on the line but was chased inside. I had to spray myself just to finish hanging my wash they were so bad. If I go out just to water the new plants, I have to spray myself with Deep Woods Off.

O, I’ve used natural sprays. In fact I use it on my neck and around my face, then I spray the Off! on my gardening clothes and hat.

I know more rain won’t help mosquitoes but frankly I can’t see them being any worse. We need a real ground soaker.

But the real reason I want rain today is that I want to stay in the house on a dark rainy day and watch movies. There is always something to do but today I don’t feel like doing any of it. I want to sit inside and watch it pour.

Right now its dark and cloudy. Please, please do it ….. rain!


6 thoughts on “SoCS; Rain

  1. It’s like that here. I’ll see this huge block of rain coming across from Alabama, and I’ll think we’re going to get soaked, but by the time it gets close it splits in two, half will go north and the other half will go south,

  2. I feel your pain. There has been a serious drought in The Cape for 2 years. It’s the rainy season now and thankfully we have had som good downpours. But we still need more! Hope your rains come soon⛈☔️⛈☔️

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