RDP: Your Gonna Cry Pickle Juice

Now we are in a pickle. No fresh fruits of ideas coming here; we are thrown back into the vinegar of patriarchy. The Conservative Doug Ford was elected to be premiere of my province. That’s the equivalent to State Governor.

This guy has been a fan of Donald Trump and is just a watered down Canadian version. And like Trump; he’s not very smart. He got in with a large majority who believe that he will bring down their electric bills and gas prices. He tells people the bullshit they want to hear and they eat it up.

O, People. I knew he would get in but I’m so disappointed that so many of you voted for him. Luckily, NDP (New Democrat Party) made huge headway however it was mostly on people’s hatred of Kathleen Wynne and that’s largely because their electric bills went up a lot. At least Andrea Horwath will be IN YOUR FACE at every turn right, Mr. Ford.

He’ll ensure the rich get richer, the poor can go …. (who cares?) and group homes won’t be in THEIR neighbourhood, if at all.

Yes, its a sad day.


Since I edited this to fix my link; I’ll add something I got on Facebook yesterday;


4 thoughts on “RDP: Your Gonna Cry Pickle Juice

  1. I just emailed my Canadian bff, currently in Montreal but really from Ottawa, “Et tu, Canada?” He responded in part, “Waiting for crack smoking to become mandatory.” Seriously though, it ain’t just us. I’m both glad of that (like, misery loves company) and depressed and scared shitless of that.

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