SoCS: cheers

Stream of consciousness on Cheers; In Canada its said when you all have a drink and clink your glasses together. I’m usually tipping a ginger-ale.

Once I was at a wedding and someone in charge (a parent?) made me hold a glass of wine and put it to my lips. For Pete’s Sake; how can it be so important?

English people say ‘cheers’ when they say good-bye. It bugs me, I don’t like it. It especially bugs me when someone who was in England for a short time says it when they say good-bye. I hate that.

Cheers is what my friends down south in Tennessee and Alabama call those things around a taa-ble. Man, I loved that accent. I usually came home with a bit of it.  Worse when you do it down there and they notice. They think you are making fun of them.

It’s going to be hotter here in Canada than Mumbai, India. I’m going to make some fruity water (very thinly sliced orange and lime in water) to mix with pineapple juice and stay indoors. Cheers!