SoCS; yearly

The other day I finished the last jigsaw puzzle of the season. I like to do things yearly to mark the time passing by; much the way Christmas is yearly. I start to decorate when the days get very short to light up the gloom, Christmas happens, then I take it all down to start a New Year. It’s a tradition that keeps life from mundane sameness; day after day, month after month.

That’s why I like to live in the 4 seasons. By October I’m sick of weeding and fussing, I’m sick of flowers! It’s time to get into the woods now that mosquitoes are gone and enjoy the glorious colours. It’s a good thing snow comes along and covers all the plants, changing the whole environment. You forget about them until you’re sick of snow and longing for colour. Spring comes and they start to emerge. You get excited by a flower!

Summer…. summer is going to be so different for me this year! The last four summers I have driven 40 minutes to work because of the tens of thousands of tourists and cottagers that come here each summer. The grocery store I worked in was packed and busy every day. I worked as many hours I as could get and spent many days off laying on the couch with my curtains drawn, exhausted and sick with a headache.

Before the grocery store job I had worked in a convenience store, cleaned cottages and worked in an ice-cream shop (no, it isn’t fun). Tourists are money here and that’s what gets us through the winter. It’s always been a time to make some cash. But now I get paid for being 65 :I still can’t believe it!

Now I’m retired and ready for summer! I can keep my gardens much nicer by chipping away at it day by day. I’ll be ready when I get a text saying “we’re bring the kids to the beach!”

I was officially orientated to be a volunteer at our local Community Health Centre so that will open up new directions for me. Exercise classes and trail walks is what I’m signed up for so far….. that’s why I’m excited about summer now instead of dreading it!


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