SoCS; spoke


My new life in retirement is starting to take shape: barring having lots more money….. I couldn’t be happier!

About six weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook from my local Health Centre where my doctor is. They wanted volunteers for a mental health program for people with any number of mental health problems. It has an exercise class once a week, ‘Art and Conversation’, cooking lessons, guest speakers….. it’s a great program so I wrote about volunteering.

The co-ordinator of the program called me and through our discussion I realized I was depressed enough (from social isolation this winter) to join the group! Meanwhile, I applied to be a volunteer of the Health Centre, got a police check done (I passed) and put in my papers for volunteering.

Last week, at ‘Balls, Bands, and Resistance’ exercise class the co-ordinator came up and spoke to me after. She said I was in such good physical shape (for my age) she would like me to take a course teaching fitness to seniors. They would sign me up for it.

I said, “YES! I would love to!” It was kind of what I had in mind when I first volunteered and I’m really hoping to do Dance-fit.

Meanwhile, I had an order for an apron from a chef friend of mine. It was nice to having a sewing project (and see my sewing machine clear of paper piles.) I’m sewing again!


When its warm enough to open the windows I have a few painting projects I’ve wanted to do that got put on the shelf when I got the job at the grocery store.

I forced myself on my neighbours, making friends and now will be at their campfire get-togethers.  I used to see them sometimes on my way home from a night shift.

And now this morning I saw this on Facebook;

lamp idea

I want to make one. The globe can be made from papier maché , another hobby I haven’t done in a few years.

Spring has finally sprung and I can get out in my yard. I’m really looking forward to having the time to make my gardens pretty.

I laugh when I think of all the people who said, “You’ll get bored.” 

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “spoke.” Use it somewhere, in some form, in your post. Bonus points if you don’t use it in the first sentence. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “SoCS; spoke

  1. Good for you!! This so wonderful hearing about the next and best part of your life. I’m so glad you are taking initiative.

  2. You sound chipper! (For being declared depressed that is! Ha) I know it feels good to get out and be with people and teaching that class sounds like fun. My sewing machine is working again too! Cost me $50 but it was well worth the money! ~Elle

  3. Yay! I’m so glad things are taking shape. And teaching senior fitness is a sure way to stay in shape. Love the jelly fish globes! I am never bored, too much to do!

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