SoCS; passive/aggressive

Passive/Aggressive;  It’s the most frustrating, worst behaviour of all. I’d rather have an honest, angry, in my face, opposition than a sniveling agreement then rolling the eyes or the little sideways nod with pursed lips. These are the people who tell everyone else what is bothering them about you, except you.

We all do it. I would go as far to say as women we are raised to do it because we weren’t allowed to get angry and speak our mind. “Nice girls just agree. (You don’t really have to agree)”

You can’t fight passive/aggressive behavior. There will be no banter, they just slide away like oil making eyes like you’re so crazy!

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. It just bugs me.


3 thoughts on “SoCS; passive/aggressive

  1. Good point about how women are (or at least were- I wonder if it’s getting any better) raised. I think I adapted as a child by being more passive, being nice, and feeling guilty when I wasn’t. Sure does get old after a while.

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