Prompt; frigid

Spring is taking its own sweet time this year. Frigid temperatures all week; yesterday it snowed but it didn’t stay on the ground. Even the sunny days have barely got above 0 C. (32F)

I’ve been wanting to write because its been a while but I didn’t want to join in on the A-Z challenge.  Excess writing becomes too much like chit-chat for me; I don’t like to talk unnecessarily. Just Jot it January wore me down. Yesterday I was all set to write but the prompt was ‘churn’. I thought about it and couldn’t come up with anything for so long, it got too late in the morning.

I did enjoy Eileen’s read on some childhood memories of a churn and a donkey;


Back to frigid temperatures; I’ve just about used up all my firewood! The two previous years were fairly mild and I would have firewood left over. Not this year! Most of the ‘body’ wood is gone so I’m burning big pieces that barely fit in the stove and lot of slab wood that goes up fast and hot so you have to keep feeding it.

Even though it’s frigid outside its easy to warm up the room with just a few pieces of wood. I can get the temperature warmer than the furnace setting. The other night it got up to 24C (72F). That was almost too hot: I was loving it!

But I’m itching to get outside and start some gardening. I’m really looking forward to having the time to work on it now that I’m retired.  I can chip away at it day by day, a few hours at a time. I plan on ordering 2 yards of mulch and doing my shrubs beds…… I can’t wait….. go away frigid temperatures!

2 thoughts on “Prompt; frigid

  1. It has been unseasonably cold here in Florida too. You would just call it cool! But then we traveled to Tennessee last week for our son’s graduate recital and it was downright freezing to us and no sun. I need some sunshine! I’m looking forward to summer. ~Elle

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