Parlay this Project

Sometimes WordPress gives me words I sort of thought I knew the meaning of but stayed away from using in case I was wrong. Like today’s prompt ‘parlay’. It sounds southern to me; two syllables drawn out, naturally drawling; “Paar-laaay”. Something to do with horse racing, maybe. So I looked it up.

It could be that; it could be a two-in-one bet but it also means taking something of little value turning it into something valuable. That’s what I really felt about lamp-making: you can make a lamp from darn near anything and make it beautiful.

It all started with a book I loved (that was stolen and I can’t remember the author) “Make Your Own Lamps” with fantastic lamps made out of ….. well, anything and everything. Two of them were made from gourds which I was  already growing and curing so I made one. I also make lamp shades with paper-mache so I was all set to parlay these projects into money!

I’m not handy. Bogged down by the hardware part of it, wiring and cutting metal (ew), I discovered my inner girly-girl, whiny and petulant. It took so long to make a lamp it would have to be a work of art to afford to stay home and make them. They were OK but no works of art. Even if I made enough to take to a craft show you could hardly give them away.

I hope it’s not stepping out of Stream of Consciousness to put in some photos. They are in my mind and at my fingertips;

gourd with paper mache shade
gourd shade and Bee lamp

There are a few interesting lamps around my house. I did enjoy making them and hope to do a few when I retire. At least I like to picture myself doing a few when I retire.

For now I will parlay this post about projects into two, two …. two prompts in one!

3 thoughts on “Parlay this Project

  1. There they are, quite crafty 😉
    I think the rules are meant to be bent a bit now and again and it would have been a shame not seeing the lamps.

    I am hosting a blog party and would like to invite you. Here’s the link

  2. Hey, you lit me up! Made a few lamps in my time, ever tried a rootstock of a small tree/shrub, look absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing, best wishes,


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