SoCS; How….?

“How did I end up here?” I ask myself all the time. When I’m seriously thinking about it I can count back to the events that lead up to this point in time and say, “oh, yeah, that’s how I got here”


I’ll often get hit with that thought in a more spiritual way: it’s a shift in consciousness that my soul is suddenly noticing where I am in time and space thinking, “huh, look…. I’m here, now….. how strange”

Many (many, many) times at The Store I think; “How did I end up here?” I worked all through a sunny, holiday weekend dealing with disgruntled customers and a broken freezer to wipe and mop, wipe and mop, wipe and mop…….. fuckin’, eh…. c’mon already. How much more can I take?

Wednesday was another beautiful day and I had the flu so bad….. worst in years. At least I had some sun on the couch where I stayed all day.

Thursday was Howdy Doody Time!  I was covering this shift for my co-worker so there was no one to cover for me. That’s how I looked and felt at work….. like Howdy Doody.  Big fake smile and walking kind of shaky like I was going to collapse as soon as possible.


How do I end this post? How convenient its Stream of Consciousness……..

One thought on “SoCS; How….?

  1. I wonder “how did I get here?” all of the time, too. I play the mind game where I try to think how far back did this really start? Usually, it starts pretty darned far back — decades. At some point it doesn’t matter, because “here” is where we are and what we need to deal with, eh? I hope you’re feeling better. This seems to be an awful season for people getting ill, with severe bouts of the whatever.

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