Marching Triumphant

Boy, was I marching yesterday! Something happened that one dreams about, fantasizes about……

You might remember me posting about helping someone out, letting her stay in my guest room, who took advantage and stole from me. I had met her working in our store. She borrowed money from people all the time and finally left with only one day’s notice in a very busy time.

So everyone knew who she was and what she done to me when she came to the store yesterday…… wearing my jacket!

The front-end manager strolled in and said in a low voice, “Guess who’s at the deli talking to Dar?”  I looked but it didn’t register first. I just thought “Yuck”….. then it dawned on me;

“She’s wearing my jacket!”

“Are you going to go get it back?”

“Damn right I am!”

I threw down the cookie dough and marched right up to her; “That’s the jacket you stole from me.”  I said it loud and didn’t care who heard me.

She was flustered, “I didn’t know!”

“What? You took if out of my closet!”

“Do you want it back?”

“I sure do!”

She had to juggle some groceries while taking it off so I helped her get if off the last arm.  I walked toward the bakery where my co-worker and the manager cheered. Then I realized I had to put it in my locker so I went to the lunch room.  My boss was on his break; news had already spread to the lunchroom.  I raised the jacket over my head, triumphant!

“You got it!” he said.


I marched back to the bakery, the proud march of victory!  My co-worker said , “I couldn’t believe it when I saw her taking off that jacket! WOO WOO!”  Later she went out for a smoke and said, “Everyone is talking about it. They always thought you were so timid!”

I was so pumped I had to post it on Facebook as soon as I got home. I felt as wound up as if I’d had 5 coffees.

It smelled of cigarettes and cheap perfume (isn’t that a country song?) so I washed it out. Besides, I had to get her cooties out of it, too. Make it mine again.

Oh, gosh, that was so immensely satisfying! I used to fantasize about running into her wearing that jacket… then she comes into my store wearing it!  O Happy Day!

me at wedding (2)