Another Day Off

Another day off. This has been wonderful having this many days off.  The town I work in is crazy busy in the summer with beach goers then it dies down dramatically on Labour Day.  There are a lot of retired people left until January when 50% of them go somewhere warm.  Business is very slow so our hours at work are cut way back.

They keep saying they are going to put me on cash….. they’ve been saying it since August then keep hiring new cashiers.  Yesterday they asked me again would I be available for more shifts. YES, I said for the 100th time.

But in all honesty; I LOVE THIS!  I had four days off, worked for four hours yesterday and now I have 3 days off.  I get many weekends off as we have students working part time. Getting a weekend off in the summer has to be ‘written in the Book’ two weeks in advance.

I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle and that’s all I want to do; get my basic chores done then sit with my puzzle.

The sun is supposed to shine on me in the afternoon, that’s the plan, but we have had no sun for weeks. It’s going to warm up and rain this week, too.  We are so sun starved I would take cold and snow over this anyday.  As  matter of fact, it’s what I didn’t like about living in Vancouver. I longed for that sun blinding you off crisp blue snow; the gardens completely hidden until spring.

As long as you don’t have to drive to work in snow squalls off Lake Huron.

Well, I’m off to do some basic chores so I can get out my puzzle.  If I stay home I don’t spend any money or use any gas. I live to stay home another day!


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