What a Week


What a great opportunity to get some crap out of my head. The SoCS prompt is ‘What‘ which is perfect for launching my rant. Because it is Stream of Consciousness, I have to take a deep breath and type it out in sequence, not to be edited.

Some of you who follow me know I was helping out an ex c0-worker who was staying nearby in a trailer with no running water.  She had left her abusive mate and was given a trailer to stay in until she could get a place. I said she could come to my place for showers, laundry and filling water containers. It was getting to be too much and I heard no plans to change anything.

Then suddenly she was out of the picture. I tried to contact her a few times then gave up.

Last Monday I got home from work and doing errands after, I was really tired. On my answering machine was a message; “Hi,…. we should catch up!”

“Not now” I said to the machine and laid down for a nap. The phone rang, I let the machine answer, “….. I have nowhere to stay, I’m in a donut shop, I can get a friend to drive me to your place…….”

What a bummer. And what a dupe I am. After I hung up I realized she doesn’t have a car and she’s coming here….. far away from ‘town’. What the F#*K?


This is going to take too long. Here’s the précis; I said ‘a couple of days’. She used my car and stayed out way later than she said…. both days and not looking for a job. My gas tank was emptied while I waited here, fuming, so I could go get groceries.  I told her time was up and she had to leave. We started to argue until I said, “I don’t fight” and stopped responding.   She found a place to stay that night and got her stuff the next day.

But it wasn’t that easy; my nerves where shot, my heart rate was crazy, I could feel my pulse in my neck…… not good!  All I knew was I wasn’t going to work on Friday morning with her still in my house.  I told myself I wouldn’t talk about it at work but I couldn’t help myself because the trauma of the whole week was still on my mind.

What a week….. it’s been a bad week for a lot of people! What‘s up with that? Mercury in retrograde with a vengeance!

I’ll write more details about some other time. I finally started to unwind my nerves at work yesterday and realized I was exhausted. Last night I had the best sleep in days and slept in until 8:30 this morning. I don’t have to work and the sun is out. I have a jigsaw puzzle to work on.

What a gigantic relief!  But I won’t say I’m happy…… just hugely relieved, doing deep breathing and smudging the negativity out of my house.

I’m going to enjoy my day now…….  notice how I didn’t say “What a bitch!” because I did say it a whole lot this week.