Everybody gets Sump’n.


Gosh, Linda, I laughed when I read this;

“I was going to write this post this afternoon but instead I took a three hour vacation nap. It was badly needed – that’s all I can say in my defense.”

I laughed because we, as women, feel we must apologize for taking time off and napping. Today I’m happy, HAPPY it’s cold and rainy just because I want to take a day off.

I’m 62,  work part-time in a grocery store either in the bakery or on cash, I look after my house by myself inside and out and still feel guilty when I want to do nothing.  No matter how much I really do deserve it, there’s still a voice in the back of my head whispering, “Lazy….”

If it was nice outside I would be compelled to do something. Some trimming, some weeding. I have to do at least a couple of hours to deserve a nap.

I call it “being horizontal”. That’s what I say to myself late at night; “it’s time to get horizontal”. I LOVE to be horizontal on my couch, watching TV.  There I’ve said it. No shame. (but there is some, I can’t help it; I’m a woman.)

The only thing that could be better about a cold and rainy day on my day off would be if I had some Downton Abby left to watch. Or if season 4 magically came on Netflix today. I just discovered it a few months ago and blew through all three seasons in a couple of weeks. I Googled when season 4 is and found out it just ran on PBS months before.

But I have lots to watch. I’ve started ‘Orange is the New Black” and I have some movies on my PVR. Oh, I love technology.

I think my Stream of Conciousness just ran out. Maybe I’ll make a third coffee. Here’s what came into my head when I read the prompt;

5 thoughts on “Sump’n

  1. I know how hard it is. Being a woman makes us think we should always be doing something for someone else.
    No shame.
    Enjoy your shows and your naps. It’s okay to do so.

  2. I am a mad napper. I love naps and they are usually about 2-3 hours when I do. I too started Orange is the new black…pretty funny though admittedly I do fast forward through the gratuitous sex and some of the back stories that are boring. It is also very true that the majority of women feel the same way…seems there is always something we could or should be doing. I say women should start a movement called the “She-esta” rather than burn our bras we simply have a good lay-about for a few hours every day!

  3. Oh goodness! You sure hit the nail on the head! Guilty is my middle name! Even though H can be horizontal all weekend I feel like I have to be up and about making progress anywhere I can. Kinda like my door post last week. I know he wasn’t feeling the least bit guilty. It’s just not bred into men you know. ~Elle

  4. Haha! It’s true! We do feel the need to apologise! Terrible, isn’t it?
    Season 4 is on Netflix here in Canada – where are you? Hopefully you’ll get it soon. I’m waiting for Season 5 now. 😛

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