Cakes, cakes and more cakes

desserts stressed

I wasn’t going to write this post; it’s already 9:18 and I don’t want to get tied to my computer on such a beautiful day. I slept in until 7:45 which is great because I worked all weekend.

Summer has begun in Grand Bend: a beach tourist town, for those who don’t live around here. We made up as many cakes as our trays would hold in preparation for a busy weekend but those only lasted a few hours. The main cake decorator was swamped with orders for the weekend she valiantly tried to finish on Friday but apparently ran out screaming at 6:30.

I came in at 8:00 Saturday morning and my boss was finishing off the orders: he was not in a good mood. I started preparing and icing them and he would decorate. (he’s very fast). Meanwhile all of our regular cakes, Snickers, Chocolate Fudge, etc., were flying off the shelves. I started on those. We were constantly being interrupted by customers wanting bread sliced or “would we write on this cake?”  I was supposed to work until 1:00: I stayed until 3:30.

I was on cakes alone Sunday, Father’s Day. There were cakes we were completely out of again and no birthday cakes out. People wanted pastries from the chilled display and some of them needed to be baked or filled. That was all between the birthday/Father’s day cakes going as fast as I could make them up. As I went out with a vanilla the chocolate would be taken away.  I’d just get back to my other cakes when someone would come with the cake I just put out. (Each one requires roses, leaves and sprinkles then packaged with candles taped on and the labeled.)

“Could you write ‘Happy Father’s Day Mike, Mel, and John’ on this small cake?”

“Could you get Happy Fathers Day ___ and Happy Birthday ____ on here?”

“Sure I can!”

After a few hours I had to write down the name because I had so many in my head. By the time I opened the plastic container it comes in and wrote ‘Happy whatever…‘, I would forget the name!

cake 1cake 2

It started to die down by 2:00 and I got 3 trays of bar cakes done. I started to lose my mind about 4:00. I was so tired I would go into the freezer or cooler and forget what I needed. If someone was even looking in the direction of the birthday cakes I would turn away and pretend I didn’t see them. They would have to interrupt me: “Excuse me, could you write something on this cake?”


When I got home I stripped down in the laundry room and went straight into the shower. My arms and face were sticky. How did I get icing on top my hat?

But today I’m satisfied I did a good job and got some good hours in for my next pay cheque. All I have to do is mow my lawn and its a beautiful day. (and I have a rider mower)

And I can say TGIM!  (Thank God its Monday!)


2 thoughts on “Cakes, cakes and more cakes

  1. I would never want to see another cake! Thought about you and your painting project. Been painting doors for two days. Finally finished! Now to catch up on my reading. ~Elle

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