Everybody gets Sump’n.


Gosh, Linda, I laughed when I read this;

“I was going to write this post this afternoon but instead I took a three hour vacation nap. It was badly needed – that’s all I can say in my defense.”

I laughed because we, as women, feel we must apologize for taking time off and napping. Today I’m happy, HAPPY it’s cold and rainy just because I want to take a day off.

I’m 62,  work part-time in a grocery store either in the bakery or on cash, I look after my house by myself inside and out and still feel guilty when I want to do nothing.  No matter how much I really do deserve it, there’s still a voice in the back of my head whispering, “Lazy….”

If it was nice outside I would be compelled to do something. Some trimming, some weeding. I have to do at least a couple of hours to deserve a nap.

I call it “being horizontal”. That’s what I say to myself late at night; “it’s time to get horizontal”. I LOVE to be horizontal on my couch, watching TV.  There I’ve said it. No shame. (but there is some, I can’t help it; I’m a woman.)

The only thing that could be better about a cold and rainy day on my day off would be if I had some Downton Abby left to watch. Or if season 4 magically came on Netflix today. I just discovered it a few months ago and blew through all three seasons in a couple of weeks. I Googled when season 4 is and found out it just ran on PBS months before.

But I have lots to watch. I’ve started ‘Orange is the New Black” and I have some movies on my PVR. Oh, I love technology.

I think my Stream of Conciousness just ran out. Maybe I’ll make a third coffee. Here’s what came into my head when I read the prompt;