Babbling Brook


Well, ‘I’ has got to be the easiest prompt of all!  Part of editing is going through and finding ways to take ‘I’ out .

I have a day off. I had someone visit me yesterday! I might just have a new friend that lives around here.

We sat on my deck in the sun yesterday, a hot spot, and talked about how we got here; how we ended up working at a grocery store late in life, living on our own.

She had a wonderful husband, “larger than life” she said, “everyone loved him”.  He was good to her and they loved each other. A year and half ago he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died within a few months.

When I met her at the store, I had just started and was not feeling very good or confident…. I felt sorry for myself.  She started within weeks of me; her husband had only been dead for six months. She would blank over and tear up.

This morning I found her on Facebook to send her a friend request and saw photos of her husband. He was very good-looking and had a big, genuine smile. There was a photo of them together with his arm around her. They were obviously happy and in love.

Life can really suck sometimes.  Another cashier I work with who is old and tired, too, owes $25,000 to the franchise she once owned. They say she owes it for past unpaid GST (tax). She works 8 hour shifts and pays every penny she can toward her debt.

Another, younger and more together than us, is in a family that lost two teenagers within two years; one to cancer another in a car accident. Trying to heal from the first, then experiencing another loss, the family has been in pain for years.

When you scratch beneath the surface a little, everyone has a story.

I am humbled by the pain some people have gone through then had the courage and strength to rise to what they must do even when they feel like curling up into a ball in bed.

We talked on my deck for a while but said she had to go to work. I said, “so do I!”

We were both working last night; she was closing seafood, I was closing the bakery. I had to pass her often to take garbage out, get a mop and bucket, etc.  She had to put away fishy stuff on display, shovel the ice into a large cart to be taken outside and dumped, then clean everything.

We stopped and talked a lot, joked around with the young guys. It made the night a lot less depressing!



2 thoughts on “Babbling Brook

  1. 🙂 Yay! A new friend. That sounds so pleasant, especially the chatting on your porch part. And ain’t it the truth… everyday faces you see every day in routine places, that become part of the scenery, often hide some incredible stories.

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