Haunted Campground

Many, many years ago, when I first met my husband, I had a Volkswagen camper and we spent six weeks out west going to different National Parks and hiking.

One day we were looking for a campground to spend the night and came upon one at a First Nations reserve in the Bow River Valley in Alberta.

It was weird right away as the gates were wide open and no one was at the kiosk.  There are many campgrounds were you find a spot then walk back to pay for it so we looked for a good spot.

That was easy because there were no campers there at all. Every camp site was empty. We walked around a saw an old trailer at the back but no one came out as we walked by.

The whole place was eerie and silent; it didn’t have a good feel to it. Usually we liked being alone but this time I would’ve preferred others to be there.

Back at our campsite we started to get set up to make dinner but I had to pee first.  I figured since no one was there, I might as well pee in the woods behind us rather than walk to the outhouse.  While I was squatted and peeing, I heard a low, deep growl but so low I wasn’t sure if I heard it. I heard it again, stood up while still peeing and walked quickly to my van while pulling up my pants.  What was weird is that it sounded so close, as if it were whispering the growl just over my shoulder. I wasn’t sure if I really heard it and didn’t just imagine it.

I got in the van and started to prepare dinner. The pop-top had canvas sides with screened vents so it was like standing in a tent. I first heard dogs barking in the distance, then drumming,  then furious barking and the sounds of women screaming, drums beating faster and louder…….I stood frozen….. I was listening to a massacre. I was hearing the sounds of women and children screaming in horror.

Doug was lying back reading.  “Stand up!” I said, and he did. The sounds continued, we were looking at each other, aghast.

Then we threw all the dishes in the little sink, pulled down the pop-top and drove the hell out of there as fast as we could!

I will never forget it. It may have been the most intense ghostly encounter I’ve ever had but still, to this day, remember the old trailer. I think a ‘medicine-man’ lived there and scared us away.

The whole incident was certainly surreal.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Whoa!.”   What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

5 thoughts on “Haunted Campground

  1. EEEEK! My ex and I used to camp, too, and you caught the feeling of the deserted campground perfectly. I’ve had those feelings but NOT that experience, thank gawd!

  2. Ugh! Glad you left. Indeed a creepy thing to happen. Do you think it was a trick or maybe someone was actually killing people on the campground? Guess you would have heard about that in the news, though.

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