Badge of Service


I wear a badge with my employers name on top, “better food for all.”  is written beneath, then My Name and “serving you since 2014”.  That way you know our name and how long we’ve been serving you.

This badge says that I am going to make your shopping experience the best it can possibly be. I am going to make your day and leave you smiling with something new and delicious to eat.

If I’m working in the bakery and see you looking at our cakes, I will stop what I am doing and go out to ask if I can help you in any way. Even if you don’t know what you want I will stand and listen to you think out loud. I will try to pick out a cake with no calories or ‘not too sweet’ then secretly agree they are way too expensive.

I will slice your bread at 8:30 p.m.  even though I’ve already cleaned the slicing machine and mopped the floors over there. I will get some pastries out from the glass display after I’ve turned out the lights and find the codes for the cashiers at 8:55 p.m. who are waiting to cash out and go home.

If am the one on cash at 8:55 and you are wandering around the store because we can all wait for you…… I will politely say, “Excuse me, we are closing now……”  (If they are doing that….. they already don’t care)

If I am on cash I will make eye contact, smile and say ‘Hello, and how are you today?!”  even if I’m crazy tired and can’t tell you apart anymore. If you just got back from your winter in Mexico, are having the grandchildren over for March Break and spending $200 on great food, snacks and treats I will bag it all for you, too, while you tell me all about your winter and/or grandchildren. All the time smiling and nodding and say “oh, you are so lucky! Have a great time!”   Then turn to the next tanned grandparent with a cart load of groceries, all in a flap because she ‘just got back’.  and say “Hello! ……..” [do it all again] “…… Have a great time!”

If I am the only one on cash all afternoon and you are lining up and staring at me, guess what?  I know you are staring at me! But when it’s finally your turn I will look you in the eye, smile and say “Hello! and how are you today?”

This is a badge of honour and strength. I am proud I can live up to the challenge.

sob serve

11 thoughts on “Badge of Service

  1. Somehow I am in your blog and the Sobey’s logo caught my eye. Do you work for them?
    I once argued over the difference between the Sobey’s stores and the Co-op stores. Little did I know they were the owners. It all worked out in the end because I spoke my mind and they respected my opinion. Nice to meet you.

  2. Yay you! Part of the reason this is true is that you are of an age (sorry!) where you remember people doing this routinely. You are not a sullen 20-something that the world owes and owes. You know how important ONE smile can be. Employers need to realize that workers over 40 aren’t dead and aren’t a drain. They are a resource to be valued.

    • It’s true! We are WAY better baggers, too. A lot of our staff are semi-retired oldsters. It’s nice to work with people who ‘get it’.

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