SoCS: affirm

It’s Saturday stream of consciousness so I can affirm I’m still here. Haven’t been on writing on WordPress too much although I’m still doing a quick look in the morning because there’s always the FOMO aspect. I don’t have it too bad but it’s like the news…. It would be weird to skip a day.

The reason I haven’t been writing here much is because I found an old childhood friend on Facebook and we’ve been writing: I write in the morning and she writes at night. So that’s been taking up my morning writing time and I don’t want to cut into my jigsaw puzzle time in the afternoon.

Sorry to rub in the retirement thing. I don’t think I need to re-affirm how much I love being retired.

I had things to do on the very, very cold days that just happened. Holy Shit! that was cold. We had Gymnasium Game Fun (sounds like a Chinese translation) at Opening Doors. Played some Frisbee, big dice games and those Velcro ball and catcher mitts. Got nice and warm there, then went onto the grocery store. In there I had thermal inversion because of my warmest coat and started sweating. The liner soaked up my sweat. Then out in the cold again and a very uncomfortable drive home. I had to turn the coat inside out to dry it was so wet.

The sun is starting to hit my couch in the afternoon. There is a place between two cedars where I get full sun about 2:00. Then its topping the rest of the trees; soon it will be full on sunbathing on the couch.

But not today. It’s cloudy but that’s OK! Today Wiarton Willie will affirm that spring will come early. So silly. Come to think of it; he should have done it by now; I’ll go look, although I think Puxatony Pete will probably be more accurate for your area.

OK , its Punxsutawney Phil.  sorry. He saw the sun but Wiarton Willie did not! This is about as accurate as the silly predictors I’ve seen for the Super Bowl win.

Supor Bowl today; do I care? no. I do usually wait for half time but I’m not too exited about that this year. Maroon 5. they are OK: too mediocre to dislike. I’ll watch it anyway because its Americana at its finest. or most entertaining anyway. I’d hate to miss it! you know; FOMO.


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