SoCS: Critical

Last night I did something I haven’t done for years: paid the $6.99 and watched “A Star is Born”. Sorry to be critical but I did not like it. I did not think Lady Gaga deserves an award for her acting, nor does Bradley Cooper deserve one for directing. It was not an award-winning movie, in my opinion.

I’m no film critic but I am a big fan of movies. Turner Classic Movies is my default channel. I still watch classics I’ve seen before if they are really good.

There are movies galore on Hollywood Suite which is well worth $5 a month. 5 movie channels; one for each decade.

Another thing I’d like to criticize is the award for editing is now going to be given during a commercial; as if it’s not important. It’s majorly important! It makes the movie flow….

Example; A Star is Born had crappy editing…… in my opinion. Scenes cut off awkwardly or too long; ending suddenly then jumping ahead too far.

Spoiler Alert:     (is there anyone who doesn’t know yet?)

Of course it was no surprise ending for me as I’ve seen the Judy Garland/ James Mason version and the Barbra Streisand/ Kris Kristofferson version. This one really made me mad; do it in the garage so she can really be traumatized when she gets home. Oh yeah, he loved her so much…..

I watched it because I love Lady Gaga and really like Bradley Cooper and I thought it would be a modernized version. It wasn’t.

Not a big fan of rom-coms but I did love “Silver Linings Playbook.” with Bradley Cooper. Its realistic.

I often disagree with the number of stars they give movies. For instance; “Walk of Shame” with Elizabeth Banks is only given two stars. I’ve watched it twice, it’s hilarious…. in my opinion.  Then there is “Trainwreck” with Amy Shumer…… they gave it 4 stars. NFW! It sucked….. in my opinion. That over the top drunkenness is not funny.

The action movies get plenty of stars. What they did to King Arthur’s story is a joke. Just another action movie.

Yeah, I’m old and I’m critical!