RDP + SoCS; Bird; the earworm

B..b..b..b..b..b…b…b..b…b..b..b..bb.. ooo mow, mow. ba ba oo mow mow ,

Ba ba oo mow mow, ba ba oo mow m mow………      (pronounce ‘mow’ like ‘cow’)

See what happened? I saw the SoCS prompt; ‘earworm’ but also saw the RDP: ‘bird.’  Well, everyone knows that bird is the word.  ba ba ooo mow mow.

My earworm would have been the last song I heard but The Bird removed that.

The one the most recent songs to torture me was ‘Havana oo na na.’  This is a go-to song for exercise because it’s not too fast, good cool-down, terrible for getting stuck in your head.

“Half of my heart is in Havana, oo na na.”

Thank God I don’t work at Sobeys anymore. All summer they played early 60’s pop which drove me out of my mind. I still can’t stand to hear those songs. I would drive home with some hated song in my head: sometimes I would scream and slap myself.  I’m not going to try to remember one because it might stay with me all day!

I remember the one I had stuck in my head yesterday…. Counting Stars. “Old, but I’m not that old. Young, but I’m not that bold.”

“He took me into his cabana, oo na na”

Damn.  I better listen to something else;


The really good part starts at 1:10…..

I won’t bother with the prompt photos….. let this earworm lead the way!



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