RDP: coffee

Coffee, how we love you. That smooth, brown warmth in the morning, washing away all scum and fog: waking is bleak without you. I set up my coffee maker (still have an old-fashioned basket-type coffee maker) at night so I only have to press a button.

Some people can stumble out the door and drive to Tim Horton’s every morning. I would need a coffee to go get coffee. How do people drive in the morning without coffee? The length of reaction time between the eyeballs and the brain is so slow. Until a coffee is in me, my brain is on ‘Huh?’ mode.

Once a month I take a medication for osteoporosis. It must be taken immediately upon rising with a big glass of water, which is not nearly as pleasing as coffee and I have to chug it. Then I have to wait a half an hour to drink coffee….. a half and hour! With great anticipation, I watch the time; pressing the button at 25 minutes.

Gosh, this is boring; even for me. We do love our coffee, don’t we? Give us the prompt and we can wax poetic.

Today the heat and humidity has broken! Two days of cool weather. I am going to work outside until I drop. The bind weed (wild morning-glory) is strangling everything around my entrance way but my main goal is starting a fire pit in the middle of my back yard. Yes, I’m going to do it; start digging out sod today.

I better make some more coffee.




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