SoCS; In/ Out

If you call me today it might seem like I’m out but I’m really in, just outside.

It’s getting warm again! Just a few days ago they were threatening snow flurries ahead of some rain but fortunately we just got rain. I covered my firewood with a blue tarp which is so frigging ugly. Yesterday I had the day off and the sun was out. Even though I worked the night before I really wanted to get out and get some wood in the shed.

It looks daunting, I know. The first year I ordered wood I wondered if I would get it all in before it snowed. To my surprise and great pride it only took a couple of weeks of chipping away at it. Now I have a routine that works; take three wheelbarrow loads and dump them in the shed, then stack that pile. Do that twice then leave the third pile to stack at the beginning of the next work day. I would like to do more but that’s as much as my back will tolerate.

Yesterday the sun out and it was glorious! The trail was beckoning me, “such a fine day to be out on the trail!” but my body said “no, go in and enjoy the sun on the couch.”

I slept for an hour and a half.

It’s good to have outside jobs on beautiful fall days. We’ve had so many good days my rain-barrells are emptied and upside down and most of my herb/flower pots are put away for winter.

Today it’s cloudy but warm. I have to go out and get a few things I need at the grocery store because my last shift was a night shift and there was so much work I barely got done; not enough time to pick up a few groceries like I had planned. So I have to go out to another grocery store on my day off. When I come home, I’m going outside again to do another round of firewood and hopefully walk on the trail.

So I’ll be in today but I’ll be out a lot.


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