Close, yet so far.

I live very close to the Canada/ U.S. border. As a matter of fact, 77% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the border.

That’s less than I heard before which was 90% of Canadians live within the 100 mile zone. Maybe more people are moving up north while most of us like to stay huddled close to the warmth.



I live way down here, further south than a lot of places in America!

I’ve wasted a half hour trying to get an arrow on this thing.

Many, many people around here go to Port Huron regularly, apparently to save money. I’ll never understand this. It’s a one hour drive to the border, then you have to go through customs, go find stores with the same crap we have here and our dollar is only worth 76¢ in America right now. Then back through customs again. It’s a long, tiring day. Want to save money? STAY HOME!

Maybe more of the population has moved north in recent years. There is retirement community in Elliot Lake they advertise on TV.

elliot-lakeHa! Well, bust my britches. It’s way up north but it sure looks like it’s in the 100 mile zone!