Coin; a SoCS prompt

I’m making some serious coin today, man. Not only do I have an eight hour shift, our minimum wage went up to $11.40 an hour!

My week is the opposite of everyone else’s. I was off all week and it was glorious! The weather was fantastic, even too hot one day! Today I’m back to work to help get out all the buns, breads, cakes, and pies for the Feasting Frenzy that is Thanksgiving.

This is the hardest shift of all 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. I’ll be spending the afternoon bringing out frozen loaves and buns, putting them on trays and racks. As they thaw, the toppings are put on, a grain mix on the multigrain, oatmeal on oat bran, cheese on buns, cut slits on paninis, etc, etc.  French bread and Italian bread are the same a thing except Italian is rolled in cornmeal (and yet so many prefer one to the other). These all go into the ‘proofer’ which thaws and raises them at the correct temperatures until the baker comes in at 4:00 a.m.

While I do this we are also baking pies and/or cookies; racks and racks of pies and cookies.  Sometimes I’m packing cookies to get the racks I need to put buns on.

When I’m done and the others have left, it’s time to clean the whole damn bakery. It’s going to be a mess; lots of empty boxes to break down, over-stuffed garbage bins, lots of baking trays, scoops and other utensils in the sink, (they are already putting out the danishes, cinnamon buns as I write) and the floor will be a mess.

I’m up for it. This week has been the best and I don’t have to work tomorrow! I will have the ‘work hangover’ so it’s a lot easier to take when I don’t have to go in the next morning.

Our bakery is going to make some serious coin this weekend.


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