The Endless Line

Oh my gosh,(no OMG’s for this crowd) it was so busy in the store last night. I had a six hour shift; 3:15 to 9:00 p.m. I don’t think they allowed for the fact the having turkeys on sale was going to boost the Thanksgiving shopping.

When I came on the two harried cashiers had line-ups. As soon as I turned on my light they started to line up at my cash, I hardly had time to get set up; rolls of coins to open and the dreaded Jamie Oliver stamps.

Sobeys’ has deal where you collect a Jamie Oliver stamp for every $10 you spend and can get a discount on Jamie Oliver dishes. I have to ask every customer if they are collecting Jamie Oliver stamps.  So many are disgusted because they’ve been asked so many times. Others will say “What are those?”

So you explain what they are and what they will get you while the people waiting in line silently groan.  Then they always say no anyway!

They made my dinner break too early so I had a run of 3 hours being the only cashier; 6:00 to 9:00 of a solid line, many slippery, frozen turkeys and to everyone: “Are you collecting Jamie Oliver stamps?”

My ten minutes is up. The Jamie Oliver stamps go on until Dec. 23.

4 thoughts on “The Endless Line

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