The  biggest Secret where I work is if my boss is gay or not. (OH, gosh, I hope he doesn’t secretly know about and read my blog).

His speech and mannerisms are definitely stereo-typical of what we imagine gay guys are like. When he points to something, it’s with a flair and the other arm goes out to balance the move. He walks….. well, I like him and don’t want to make fun of him. You get the idea.

But there is never a clue as to what his preference is. There is lot of speculation but I’ve learned my long years that stereo-types are not always what they seem. I’ve known people I thought were gay and weren’t, and people who I thought couldn’t possibly be gay that where.  You just can’t stereo-type.

The other day, in the lunch room, with the afternoon shift coming in, a young guy who works in the deli said something like,  “someone gay in the bakery”. All of sudden there is silence and all eyes are on me. One of the managers, who has been there for years, freezes with his coffee in hand and waits for my reaction.

“Nobody knows!”  I blurt out, “We all wonder, but nobody asks and nobody knows.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.” says the young man.

“That’s exactly right!” I said, “who cares? I would just like to see him happy.”

Although attitudes are changing rapidly, the small town attitude is just starting to turn. I think people would totally accept his being gay. They already think he is…… but maybe he isn’t.

It’s a secret!

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