The Perfect Storm

For a few days I’ve been singing my private joke: (sung to Katy Perry’s Perfect Storm)

“Are you ready for , ready for….

The Superbowl, SuperBowl”     .

(I wave my arms in a circular motion as if conjuring up a storm)

Now, through magic and the power of intention, I’ve brought this storm to the entire eastern continent!

Will the storm wreck the Superbowl?

It’s going to give me plenty of anxiety.  I’m on cash 2:30 to 7:30.  It’s more important to show up for cash because others are depending on you; the last-minute snack food frenzy could be a mob scene. This could be a very interesting cash day; maybe even (dare I say it?) fun.

It’s 8:36 as I write this and the snow is coming down. I will have to leave at 1:45 to give myself time to drive slow. For the next few hours I will be checking the Weather Channel on TV the website for radar; tracking the snow.

There might be lots of snow while I’m at work then I’ll be driving home in the dark.

Maybe it will bad enough that there is no question about not driving in. It’s that ‘in between’….. bad, but not bad enough to call in.

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed…” now I can’t get it out of head.