Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

Eek! How embarrassing. You just showed up at 8:10 in the morning. I’m still in my pajamas and housecoat.


I’m off work again today. This is alright: one day on, two days off, one day on, three days off. This brutal Arctic weather (I’m so sick of hearing Polar Vortex) means a lot less business in the store. Grand Bend is a summer beach town anyway so the population is sparse in the winter. Our freezer at work is full of cakes; we’re getting ahead. It sickens everyone how much we have to throw out but the display has to be there. The products all have to out because the one that isn’t there is the one the next customer wants.

I like doing my computer stuff with my morning coffee. The furnace is on in the morning so my computer/sewing nook is nice and warm. I’ve got the woodstove started;  I have to go check on it….. Facebook and WordPress cause me to go through a lot of kindling forgetting about the fire.

Yep, it’s burning nicely. The pan of water with balsam needles from my Christmas tree is starting to warm up. It’s getting so dry with the heat constantly going; the static charge is getting crazy! When I touch my fridge or thermostat huge sparks pop at my finger. I’ve even seen the sparks! I’m using that stupid Cling Free which I hate but my fuzzy throws are charged with an electromagnetic field.

Pardon me for how I’m (not) dressed. I’m still on my second coffee. I don’t like to be seen without my eyebrows on, it makes such a difference. Even going to Zumba last night, I didn’t bother with other makeup but I did my eyebrows. My face looks kind of greasy right now; first thing in the morning I splash it with water and blob on some Nivea.

Well, boys and girls, I didn’t want to write a long time today because it really cuts into my morning and I have lots I want to get done.  The sun is coming in more and more in the afternoon lighting up dusty corners and cobwebs. The carpet and floors really need doing.

And I have to make that date nut loaf. I started it yesterday, chopping the dates, pouring a cup of boiling water over them and put aside. When I was making a quick dinner before Zumba I came across the bowl of soggy dates. They are in the fridge so I’ll make it today….. if I remember.

Beautiful sunrise; hot pink clouds on bright blue sky.

It’s up now, my second coffee is done. Would you like me to put on another pot?  Aw, what’s that…. you have to go? (good)

(Oh gosh, I just got a look in the mirror….)

morning 2

Have a great day everyone!