My Job

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

Landing this job I have now was a big, lucky break for me. Being 60 years old and having worked with my ex-husband at our apiary business for 25 years, not too many places I applied to would even interview me. Almost out of money, my anxiety was mounting, I was afraid and my confidence was zero. I didn’t even feel myself to be ’employable’.

I had been thinking about and looking into taking cake decorating when I saw an ad on-line for cake decorator at a fairly near-by grocery store saying “Will train”. It came out on the day of a huge snow storm so there was no way I could make the drive but it had a faxing address. My computer doesn’t fax. I happened to be e-mailing a friend that day who lives in Vancouver and told her my problem. She said she had a fax modem so I could send her my resume with a cover letter. We did some back and forth, finding the right file formats and she sent it out hours after I saw the ad.

I stood at the window and looked out at snow for long periods of time with the mantra “Please, please, please……” running through my head.

The storm ended on a Saturday night, the roads were cleared and my driveway plowed out Sunday.  Early Monday morning I drove to Grand Bend with another resume and jangling nerves. I wanted it so bad; I was very nervous.

My interviewer, who is now my boss, is a positive, cheery go-getter. She liked me and called me a firecracker!  Little did she know my energy was from 3 coffees and extreme nervousness. That was also lucky because she never did receive my fax.

I got the job!  Not only did I get the job but a few months later they decided to train me on cash, also. Now I have two jobs in the same store which is great. Two completely different jobs and different co-workers. On cash, I can wear my hair down and nice earrings and flirt with retired men. In the bakery I wear a hair-net and baseball hat which makes me magically invisible! When I work at night, no one even sees me! I dance, I fart, sing along to the ‘easy-listening’ music. It’s all just cleaning at night and I know I do that well; I have plenty of experience cleaning.

Yes, much as I would love to be retired, this job was my lucky break! Today I have the day off, relaxed and worry-free; who wouldn’t want that? I’ve earned it and that feels awesome!

And what about cake decorating? Well, the main person still does 80% of it and I get very little practice. I watched her for a couple of months then one day my bakery boss said, “you should be able to write on cakes by now”. That was my training. Mostly I make the regular cakes, such as Chocolate Fudge cake, Snickers Bar cake, and cream pies. ‘Yeah, it’s a tough job but somebodies got to do it.’

“All It’s Cracked Up to Be.”

Time to Think

Hhmmm….. I wonder what I would take if I was in a panic and had to decide right then and there , what 5 objects I would take.

Right now I’m at my computer drinking a coffee and have the day off.  What might be the 5 things I would take? Let’s see…. I’ll think about this while I sip on my coffee;

#1: cell phone  #2: pearls  #3: photos  #4: painting  #5: winter clothing which I would put on. (it’s probably from the woodstove so it will be cold outside.)

Well, that took a few sips.  Maybe I could think clearly enough if there was a fire and I could run around the fire and collect my stuff. But more than likely I would get dressed, run outside then cry all the things I should have saved.


You know, I might just thank this prompt one day because now I will already know what to grab…. as long as I can think clearly.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

Getting a Job

When was the last time you were ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Did you end up letting go, or decided to fight on anyway?

I really thought I could work for myself and get by. That’s what I had been doing most of my life but it was a partnership with my husband and we had built up that business over many years.

My house is paid for from my separation so at least I didn’t lose all those years of work.  When you have a mortgage you think it would be so cheap to live without it but it isn’t. It’s surprising how much it costs just to own a house and car.

I started to make lamps …. it takes a long time to make a lamp; I have a few of them around my house.

I made spring rolls to sell around here in the summer to the tourists from the chip wagons.  Very few people want something healthy at the chip wagon.

My last venture, the one that made me give up, was making aprons. I tried for a year to make and sell aprons. Any fabric that is nice looking is expensive; fabric that is cheap is usually quite ugly. There was no way I could compete with aprons made in China and sold for $9.00. If I was tied to my machine working 16 hour days (as many people are) I couldn’t make enough to pay my bills.

That’s when I threw in the towel and admitted I had to get a job. Don’t get me wrong, I like working…… I just don’t like having a job. “It takes up your whole day!” –Eliza Doolittle

There are always plenty of things to do around here.

At least, that’s what I thought. And that’s what I’m thinking when I have to leave my home and go in. (“I don’t wanna go!”) 

But all in all, it worked out great. I got a job I actually like and that’s all I could ask for! I’ve had some I really hated; scooping ice cream comes to mind.

Actually, I got two jobs in one as I was hired in the bakery but they also trained me on ‘cash’.  It’s great to have the two different jobs with a different set of co-workers. On cash, I can wear my hair out and meet a lot of people (OK; men). In the bakery I wear a hair net and baseball hat; not a good look for me but at least I’m a little more hidden away.

Today I was supposed to go in. We are getting a new oven in the bakery tomorrow so we were going to be moving all the boxes, containers, decorations and such. I was suppose to be on 9:00 to 2:00. Yesterday my boss phoned and said they got a lot done so there was no need for me to come in!  YAY!!!!!  Its like a bonus day!

You can’t get that when you work for yourself……there’s always something to do.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

Lingering, all day today

I haven’t written for weeks now that I have a job. In the words of Liza Dolittle, “it takes up your whole day!”   And I’m not even working full time: working five hours IS a full day for me. This horrendous winter has made driving treacherous, adding to the stress. I have a house and heat with wood, feed my birdies and really make a mess of my kitchen every day. Last week was Spring Break so I had lots of hours on cash covering for vacations. Wednesday I drove in blizzard and could not believe how many people came out to buy groceries. I had the next day off but had to spend all morning shoveling snow, all afternoon cleaning my messy house. I really wanted to see my grandnieces while they were home for the week and see the new house they are moving into so I drove to St. Mary’s on the other day off. Well worth the effort! They make me happy and it was good to get away for the day.

But this week I have 3 days off in a row, starting today. I am lingering on my computer to keep my blog alive. I do read some blogs in the mornings and on days off but haven’t taken the time to write.  I have no ideas so this was the perfect subject. I can keep my brain on ‘linger’.

I’m lingering around in my housecoat still but it almost 9:30 a.m. so it’s time to get into my lounge wear; the clothes between pajamas and ‘town’ clothes. I’m going to linger around the kitchen because I can’t relax in a mess.

My favourite time and place to linger is on my couch in the afternoon sun. And since the time change I can even catch some sun when I come home from work if I’m on 10-3, my favourite shift. Oh my God, I lie in that sun in peace and quiet and feel so grateful.

Working really make you appreciate a day off! I feel I’ve really earned the right to be lazy for a day…… when it’s cleaned up. And two more days off after this.  Linger on!