St. Vincent

If you ever want to go on a great Caribbean adventure and don’t like the tourist scene, St. Vincent is for you.  Cruise ships are few and far between as the volcanic island has a rugged coast all around so it’s not easy for big ships to dock.

st. Vincent

St. Vincent is not arid like many of the other Caribbean islands. It’s mountains produce rain clouds so the island has lush, tropical foliage. Crops are terraced throughout the island: most of the produce for the other islands is grown on St. Vincent.


There is a volcano that you can hike up to the edge of the crater. Puffs of smoke come out of domes that are slowly growing. We were taken up by a tour-guide, a Canadian ex-pat, who also provided us with a great vegetarian lunch. It was a hard hike up but the view from the top is spectacular! You can see the whole island and the surrounding ocean.


The highlight of this trip was a visit to the “Pools of Owia”. It was here we had the most magical experience. Our guide told us about this spot on the north of the island where huge waves crash onto lava rock walls and fill little pools in the volcanic rock that are warmed by the sun but deep enough to swim in. Swimming in these pools while huge waves crash on the other side of a rock wall is so exiting. But the day was made even better as we luckily coincided with a solar eclipse!  While we were swimming in the pools the sunlight changed to an eerie light that made it all seem like a dream.  Truly one of the best moments in my life.

pools of aowiapools3

I don’t have much urge to travel these day and couldn’t afford it even if I wanted to. So I am extremely happy I had the chance to visit St. Vincent.