SoCS: wee

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wee.” Use the word “wee” or find a word that contains it and use it in your post. 

There may be a wee problem today linking this to the SoCS site as the URL doesn’t seem to be linking. I have to look how to fix that but it will taint my SoC.

I’m a wee bit stumped. . . .

Today I am going to be at the beach with some wee ones: my grandnephew who isn’t that wee anymore but some friends are bringing their wee ones. I have a wee bit of trepidation because its Saturday, its stinking hot and the beach will be crowded. Not a big fan of crowds to begin with and now I’ve been isolated for so long its even worse.

I got my hair cut on Tuesday and couldn’t believe how noisy it was with the hair dryers and music.

Yesterday I went to an optometrist that is in the big SuperStore. They had a bench set outside of it to keep physical distance. The detention bench, it felt like. I sat out there to fill out my forms then got the first test with the air puff. Sat out again to wait for the optometrist who did the second test and put the drops in. Sat out on the bench for another 25 minutes waiting for the rest of the test.

I started to go a wee bit crazy with the last wait which was supposed to be 10-15 minutes but they were juggling 4 patients. The fluorescent lights, the noise, the people walking back and forth in front of me; it really hit home how isolated and quiet my life has been. I got dizzy at one point and my eyes were reacting to the drops. I couldn’t wait to get home again.

During the whole thing I had to go wee twice which was OK because the bench was practically beside the washroom which was hot, damp and smelled like wee-wee.

Finally I got to pick out some glasses. Can’t wait to get them!

I had two pairs of sunglasses that go over regular glasses and a hat for the drive home. Not very good vision for the drive and could feel a wee headache coming on. Oh, to be in my cool, dark, quiet living room once again.

Now . . how do I link the link?

Yay, did it? It only took a wee bit of looking around.

SoCS: Uh, oh!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last photo you took.” Take the last photo you snapped. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at it? That word is your prompt. Enjoy!

“Uh, oh” That’s what I said before I even looked because I already knew the last 4 photos I took were of my pot plants. There is an explanation other than I love my pot plants: our Women’s Cannabis Club met in person on Thursday! We have been meeting once a month on Zoom and have never met in person! Just going somewhere was elating then being with 25 or so women who love cannabis was joyful! We were giddy just being out and with each other! Not all are smokers: some are big proponents of CBD, salves and tinctures. But, OMG, what a relief and joy to meet some new women! Like-minded women! I took the photos in case we were showing off photos of our plants. But we didn’t; we just talked about them.

But this is supposed to be “Uh, oh”. Cannabis and “uh,oh” go together a lot. I’ve had a lot of “uh,oh” moments on cannabis. Like when you discover you ate too much edible. “UH, oh!” Be very careful of edibles! I do NOT recommend them to newbies . It can be a very unpleasant experience.

Back when it was illegal, I dreamt I came home from work and police were coming out of my back yard. “Uh, Oh!”. One of those; “Thank God it was a dream!”

Then there are the times I have just smoked and someone, whom I don’t want to know I indulge, will knock at my door. I peek out the window, “Uh, oh!”

Similarly taking a shower during the day, which I do often if I’ve been outside working. If I’m dirty and sweaty I’ll take off my work clothes and get right in the shower. During this pandemic, when no one should be knocking at your door, I’ve had 3 experiences of getting out of the shower, still in a towel, with someone knocking at the door.

“Uh, oh” well, more like “You gotta be kidding!”

You know, if cannabis was not legal here, I would have to skip today’s prompt or pass my pot photos to the guided painting I did this week. I sent it to our program director so she could post them on Facebook. I am no artist but I’m really starting to enjoy these once a month art sessions. I took the “Wholehearted Inventory” from Brene Brown’s website and one of the questions was; “Do you stop yourself from doing something creative because you are not good at it?”

“Uh, oh!” The answer was yes!

“Uh, oh!” Now I have to put up those photos. I will use the SoCS photo first so they don’t show up in the Reader.


I just wasted way too much time trying to figure out the ‘crop’ option or make them smaller.

My stream of consciousness has moved on . . .

I want to try this again to get the clouds right. The sky and clouds are supposed to be blurry

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SoCS: colours

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “color/colour.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or pick a color and write about it–use it any way you like. Have fun!

Thank you, Linda for including the proper spelling. (kidding) I don’t mind that other countries do not include the ‘u’ in many words but they wiggly underline our spelling as ‘wrong’. WordPress should be more inclusive.

Almost every frigging thing I have is blue. I really noticed it doing exercise on Zoom. Blue walls, blue couch, blue clothes, blue shoes . . . one would think my favourite colour is blue. (See that? No, you don’t! TWO wiggly red lines!)

My favourite colour is the green out of my windows. I did my kitchen light green, have my indoor plants by double doors so its a green space.

You can see the guest room walls from the kitchen. I had a can of paint left over from my blue living room and some light mint green left over from my kitchen. I mixed them together for the guest room, a light turquoise, the colours blend beautifully!

I think my brain likes the colour blue. Its not conscious: the vibrations go into the eyeballs and the brain says yes. Does that make sense? But then sense is conscious.

I like purple, too. I goes well with blue.

I love the green in this photo.

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SoCS: cant

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “least-favorite word.” Use your least-favorite word in your post. If you can’t decide on one, use a word that just really bugs you. 

Well, there are two types of least favourite words. There is the word that you can’t even say because it makes your skin crawl which is why I put my heading as a play on words. And there is the word you don’t like because of it reminds you of something you hate.

You know the first one, gals. You can call a bitch a ho but to actually say **(ew)cunt*** . . . its too awful to even come out of your mouth. And yet in Britain its a common thing to call someone, like we would say ‘asshole’. Not very nice but not vile. I’ve watched British movies where its thrown around like its funny!

So is it our cultural upbringing that makes words so unacceptable? When I was young to say the word ‘fuck’ was unthinkable. You were possessed! Now its a common word, sort of. Useful to relieve stress. A cry out when things aren’t going your way.

Then there is the word that, by itself, is not a bad or ugly word; its the connotation. Organize. Groan. I hate organizing. There are 2 drop spots in my house, out of sight, that get piled up. I don’t have a basement; I have a storage room that leads out the back door. Winter boots and gardening stuff was all mixed and dirty. When I got my new furnace he gave me a big box of filters I have no place for. So stuff so stuff got piled on that. I cleaned it up to look tidier but if I organize a part of my shelving and get rid of stuff I can fit it in. But organizing means first pulling everything out to be sorted through; tossed or kept. Easier to leave everything where it is.

Similarly in my office/sewing cubby. I got a filing cabinet given to me and got rid of enough stuff to get it in the cubby. That’s as far as I got. Now I have to organize stuff into it.

I hate organizing. You know that gal. . . that “sparking joy” nut? She’s a *cunt*. (OMG, I’m sorry! I don’t mean it! I just couldn’t resist ending with it!)

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SoCS: I hope

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hope.” Use it any way you’d like. 

Hope. That’s a good one. My hopes for today are pretty mundane. I’ve had hopes dashed in my life too many times to aim high. There are those who claim if you think positively then your hopes will come true. If they don’t, then the fault lies with how you are thinking. I think that’s a lot of hog wash. I’ve lived long enough to see some horrible people have everything go right in life for them and some really good people have hardships through no fault of their own.

So I am hoping for a cool and cloudy weekend that doesn’t rain. I’m putting Thompson’s water seal on my deck. Its best not to do it in the sun or when its hot and 48 hours before rain. That is not easy these days: its either hot and sunny or raining.

I hope that I have more to hope for in the future. I don’t want to set the bar too high and be disappointed.

I hope I stay healthy enough to keep living here and able to do what needs to be done. When I look at it that way I feel lucky that I can waterproof my deck today. Maybe if I’m really feeling good I can mow some lawn. I hope so.

short and sweet; I hope to get out there early before the sun hits the deck.

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SoCS: high

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “contains ‘igh.’” Find a word that contains the letters “igh” in that order and use it in your post. 

I almost forgot it was Saturday: not because I was high although getting high happened to be on my mind this morning.

I’m making no confessions but I do not like to be without cannabis and something happened that I ran low. My neighbour, I often complain about how lazy he is, did a job for me! We had huge storm and a big limb broke off my butternut tree landing on my garden fence. I’ll put the photo at the end.

I posted the photo on Facebook (everyone was posting their downed limb photos) and he came over offering to cut it up with his chain saw! Big surprise!

So what’s this got to do with getting high? Something we have in common is that we both like to get high so I gave him a couple of nice buds for the job. Now its Saturday and I realize I might not have enough for the rest of the weekend. Since I buy it at the Rez, I have to go to town first to get cash because I won’t pay $3 at an ATM. Town is in the opposite direction of the pot shop. Do I go today or tomorrow or eek it out until Monday? Decisions, decisions.

And that is why ‘high’ was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw ‘igh’.

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SoCS: up and down

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “up/down.” Use one, use them both, but try to put one in your first sentence. Bonus points if you use the other in your last sentence. 

First thing I thought of is my mood; up and down, mostly down. Then I thought of the temperatures, mostly up. We are not experiencing heat right now but we’ve already had 2 heatwaves here in Canada and in between them it got cold. Now we are getting badly needed rain however the forecast is lots of rain for days on end. They are experiencing record heat in British Columbia which rarely ever gets hot at all. I’ve read about the temperatures in the US southwest. Holey Moley! We are experiencing extreme weather.

Its not helping my mood to be either too hot or too wet. Although I am relieved; I don’t feel like I should be getting something done outside and everything is being watered. Its a lot of work keeping this place up and that’s getting me down.

I have fairly large lot and I’ve planted a lot of shrubs and gardens to cut down on the size of the lawn but I still want a good stretch of lawn. I had an old rider mower that made that job actually fun but it broke down forever. I could not afford another rider so I had to get a push mower. Even though its self-propelled, its a lot more work.

Not getting my second shot is getting me down. The local clinic is booked until late Aug. Seriously. Oh yeah, I can drive to the city an hour away but I’m not going to. Its ridiculous that I should have to go that far for a damn shot. Everyone at every age is getting their second shot everywhere else.

So you might have guessed by now, I’m down. Yesterday I went for the mail and ran into my lazy, young neighbour. “How’s that new lawn mower working out for you?” I want to beat him up.

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SoCS: hot, hut, hit, hat

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hat/het/hit/hot/hut.” Choose one, choose ’em all, put ’em in your post. 

Yesterday I watched “The Magnificent Seven”; the original one from 1960. I had actually never watched it before which was a surprise even to me as I’ve seen most classic movies, even westerns like “Shane” or my favourite (western) “Once Upon a Time in the West”.

The reason I was inside watching TV during the day was because it started out raining, then got hot and steamy. But I had planned to do nothing except watch TV because I was tired. I had a few days of being physically busy and I wanted a day of rest.

First of all it stars Yul Brunner. Even as an adolescent he got my new hormones doing a dance in my body. I still have to laugh at myself at 13, 14 or whatever, getting mesmerized by Yul Brunner in “The King and I”. He was hot! Those smoldering eyes burning into .. . . well, me.

The Magnificent Seven had a line-up of hot men. They wanted women to enjoy the movie too so they had everyone’s type; Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburn and surprisingly Robert Vaughan who managed to keep a clean white shirt and clothes for an entire ride to Mexico and fight a gang. There was a very young ‘hot’ guy for the teens but I guess he never made it as an actor because I don’t know his name. He was no Yul Brunner!

There were a few things I wondered about; they lived in adobes and yet there were some African-looking huts on the edge of town. The locals did a strange dance; I wondered if it was real or Hollywood. They certainly depicted Mexicans as . . . well, not as manly as American men. Funny though, the Mexicans expected the Americans to be rapists. I liked that. They hid all their young women in a mountain lodge. Of course they found them; the youngest one met a beautiful senorita and ended up staying but it was her who hit on him first. They had to throw one romance in there.

They all had very unique cowboys hats. They had to be shaped just right.

Well, now I have to go get a photo; that is my SoC.

Got a great one!: When men were men and men wore hats.

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SoCS: yarn

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “yarn.” Use it any way you’d like.

Yarn? Darn.

Hey, glad I said that, it gave me an idea.

I used to darn socks with yarn! Seriously, that’s what we used to do when our sock’s heels wore out. You could buy braids of thin, coloured yarn pieces, about a foot long, that had the main sock colours.

My mom taught me this. Now that I look back I understand she was still in her old way of thinking. She lived her teenage years in England during WW2 when everything was rationed. Even in her childhood they didn’t have much money so my mom taught me to darn socks the way her mother taught her.

She taught me to put an orange in the heel and hold the hole in position. Then you got your special darning needle that had a dull tip and large eyehole. The first stitches were loose and as long as the hole and when the vertical stitches were done, you carefully wove the horizontal in and out.

The major problem was that someone at school would see it. You would have to make sure you didn’t let your shoe heel drop. I guess back in England in the 30’s it was quite common to have darned socks. Not in Toronto in the ’60’s.

YARN. Yarn is the word. And yarn is another reason why I didn’t like it. I liked cotton socks and yarn darning was ridiculous.

Now I never wear out heels of my socks. Its the big toe nail that cuts cuts through. I admit; I have sewn up some toe holes on my favourite 100% cotton socks. I don’t use yarn.

Now we just throw things out.

Today is June 5. My mom’s birthday and her death day. I am grateful to her for teaching me to be frugal and the importance of not throwing out every thing just so you can buy new stuff. She taught me how to darn socks and talked about why they used to darn their socks.

. . . while she ‘spun yarns’ about her life. (that’s gotta be bonus points!)

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SoCS: collect

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collect.” Use the word “collect” any way you’d like. 

Collect is now a dirty word for me. I have collected crap in the 15 years I’ve been living here and its not fun stuff like spoons or turtles or bears.

Back in the 80’s it was popular to have a “collection”. That way when you went on your aimless shopping excursions, not needing anything but wanting to buy something, you had something in particular to look for. You would peruse gift shops, antique shops, second hand shops until you saw it; “a bear!” “a turtle thing!”. Then you would get a momentary lift; you got your fix, and took it home to the Collection. On your birthday or Christmas someone would have found another great turtle, bear, or spoon to give you.

My sister-in-law was the bear person. She also had lots of money and loved to shop. Their spectacular cottage was filled with bear stuff. Even the bathroom had bear wallpaper and a bear toilet paper holder.

My ex-husband collected stones and crystals and turtle things for a while. But we didn’t have much money and didn’t do many aimless shopping excursions. I started to look at it all as more shit to dust.

The very best thing collected was by my mom and bless her for doing it!: She saved every note we wrote for her as kids. My mom worked so if we were going to be somewhere after school, we would have to leave a note. Later in teenage years were notes saying we were staying at our girlfriends or taking the bus downtown; often a lie. I look back and ask myself often; “Where were they?”

Anyway back to the notes. She even saved one from a friend when we were 12 years old. I’m pretty sure I remember it was about winning tickets to the Beatles from the radio station. I never would have remembered that without this note. I happen to have it in my photos already so I will share it at the end of my SoC. I reunited with her after 50 years and recently found her note, scanned and sent it to her. She was delighted! That collection still brings joy!

My mother-in-law collected sewing stuff she might use again. She left me her sewing machine and all her sewing stuff in her will. (I named my machine Marion.) There is a vial of bra hooks she picked off and saved, little tiny buttons, and all kinds of sewing thingamagigs that were popular in the ’50’s and ’60″s. I have my mom’s sewing collection, too, so I have the evolution of automatic button-hole attachments.

There is 40 years of collected stuff still in my old house where my ex still lives. He was much more of a collector than me and I suspect it has become hoarding. He told me he has over 50 Himalayan Salt lamps. I am so glad I don’t live in that anymore. I brought my favourite things here but I have not started collecting things except old papers and documents that should have been thrown out 10 years ago but they are in ‘piles to go through’. That’s my collecting.

Recently I was given a large filing cabinet so I am in the process of re-organizing my office/sewing cubby. Its hell. I hate doing it and its bringing back sad memories. So when the weather is bad, I am going through things collected.

But so happy my mom collected our notes!: Worth more than gold!

(Couldn’t resist adding the Easter card I made that was also scanned.)

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