Mighty Mon

An old friend used to call me Mighty Mon. I really liked that. It was because I used to sing “Here I come to save the day!” like Mighty Mouse and also I was a caver back then which really impressed her. It was great to have a name with power.

The reason I used to sing “here I come to save the day!” was from a skit by Andy Kaufman that I remembered and loved for years. Here is a chance to share it with you.





I’ve taken a few tentative steps to the kitchen to get coffee. The guest room is off the kitchen and my guest is still sleeping. Now I’m safely back at my computer hidden in a nook.

Now what do we do? It’s pouring rain. Once she gets up she will start talking and not stop. I’ve heard about every brother, cousin, ex, cousin’s ex’s, neighbours, neighbours cousin’s ex’s…… Oh my lord.

ooops….. she’s up. Gotta go. I can’t tell her I’m writing a blog because she’ll want to read it for sure.

Found me and saw this….. good thing she didn’t ask.


The Edge of Glorious

It’s starting; the trees are turning. The solid green background out my window is getting texture and depth with different shades of orange, burgundy, and gold. Soon it will be glorious.

But not today. Today is cloudy, hot and drizzling. Normally I would be quite happy about a day inside, having worked last night but a visitor is coming today who has never been here and we will be stuck in the house.

Yes, I’m having a visitor. This is a very rare thing…. as in never. I’m way out of my comfort zone having company. And it’s for two nights!

Two nights, two days. It’s been glorious summer beach weather all week. Now we are in for two yucky days then its going to be glorious beach weather for another week. But these two days have to be wet.

Damn. I wanted to get this gal out walking as much as possible because she talks. She talks and talks. And I have a feeling something is going on in her life because of her sudden urge to visit me when I haven’t heard from her in years except in Facebook.

She sent me message via Facebook on Thursday asking if she could come for the weekend. I didn’t see it until Friday morning and that was the next day already. I told her I had to work Sunday so she said she would come Monday, which is today.

We were friends many years ago, when I was young in Toronto but never really close. We were in the same circle of friends. Thanks to Facebook I re-connected with my old friends and we’ve had a few re-unions. She was at one of them but we didn’t speak much. A year later she phoned me and talked. And talked and talked. It was an hour and half easily. I was switching ears and getting tired, waiting for a space to hang up.

That was about six years ago. Now, out of the blue, she’s coming here today. Why? I wonder.

That’s why I’m worried about being stuck indoors. Why can’t it be glorious today and/or tomorrow?

Am I too hopeful that she might like Scrabble? Will she talk over the TV at night? Then there is the morning……. OMG in the morning she will be here when I get up!

However, I’m hoping for one thing and I’m sure this is going to happen: a glorious sunset over the lake. It’s supposed to partially clear up this afternoon and that makes the best sunsets.

I sure hope we still like each other by then.



Post post script; Now I can’t tell her I write a blog. This is a good thing. To those of you starting out; don’t tell your friends or family about your blog because one day you will want to write about them.

It’s Evolution, Baby

I don’t talk much about being vegetarian and never bug anyone about eating meat. People are going to eat whatever they want. But now that the prompt is finding a word with ‘vol’ in it, I must say; ‘It’s evolution, baby!’. It’s what we need to do as a species to help save the planet: it’s not just our cars that are polluting.

It’s also the evolution of our species, spiritually. Even though many still eat meat, great lengths and much thought has gone into how they are slaughtered ‘humanely’.

I’ve watched the evolution of vegetarianism! When I first started (which wasn’t one day or week, it was a gradual falling away) people used to say things like, “You’ll die!”  Now its common and even thought to be healthier.

But I cannot be smug because the evolution of vegetarianism has surpassed me with a new generation of vegans. And here lies another reason I don’t bug people about eating meat; I love dairy. I love cheese and paneer, sour cream, yogurt and BUTTER, lots of butter. I only used to like seafood because you dipped it in butter.

Habits are much harder to change as you get older. They are deep grooves walked in for years and years. The older you get, the harder to climb out. I often wonder if I would be vegan if I was young and starting out in life.

But I’m not.



Weak Motive

OK. This is it. I have to start doing some serious housework. The summer is behind me, I have all the groceries I need, visited my aunt yesterday and I’ve been resting so much I cannot rest anymore.

I wish I had a better motive to motivate me. If someone was coming to visit me I would get into a frenzy of housework so I’m pretending someone else is going to look at my place. If they were just coming for a coffee and maybe go to the bathroom that would be fine as I keep the basic living triangle tidy; couch/kitchen/bathroom, but clutter is forming around the edges, my hidden office is a mess and my bedroom has the faint odour of old lady.

All summer I let it go somewhat because I have the good excuse of working so much. Now I don’t. My motive has to be ‘for me’.

That’s a concept that is new and bewildering to woman as they get older. So used to doing things for someone else and now faced with doing it for the one who means the least; our self. Ten years ago I found myself in the position of having ONLY myself to look after.

We certainly were not raised to think of ourselves. I was raised is if thinking of yourself was selfish, almost a sin. There were no ‘me days’ or ‘down time’, you just took the next number for who needed help: it was never you.

Years ago, when I was still trying to have kids, I didn’t do any Christmas decorating because we didn’t have kids. And because we didn’t have kids, we went somewhere else for Christmas. One year it dawned on me that I could decorate for myself, for my own pleasure.

Housework isn’t as fun as Christmas decorating. It’s for myself, yeah, but I don’t really care. My triangle is tidy. The hallway looks really clean……. stop…

Motive….. my motive is to have a clean organized home for myself…… like the way I thought it would be if I was single…… before I was single.





Summer Crescendo

Last week the tourist frenzy reached a crescendo on Sunday when the hoards swooped in and looted our bakery. They emptied the bread and bun shelves and took the cakes faster than….. (trying to say it nice and not what I’m really thinking) ….faster than the slow person could re-fill it. I went in a 5:00 p.m. and it wasn’t over yet.

I’ve noticed, having lived in a beach community for a few years, that the summer doesn’t slow down towards the end but goes into full tilt and reaches a crescendo as if everyone is desperate for their last chance to have fun. Driving around like the world is going to end tomorrow….. kind of like Dec. 24.

Monday afternoon it was over at the store as they drove out of the area en masse. I sang while I was on the road, “So long! Farewell! Adieu to you and you……!”

Tuesday…… peace. It’s so quiet here now…. the occasional car or delivery truck on the road I live on.  My hours are cut back so I can say, “I’m semi-retired.” That summer/work/hell reached its crescendo and it’s over! I never have to do that again!

Wednesday I drove to work right through the now quiet town. It only took me 25 minutes. I took the extra cake rack out of the freezer and re-organized so we can actually move around in there. I put out cakes and no one took any. Our regulars practically ignored us…. it was wonderful.

For the next couple of weeks I have hardly any hours at all and I’m fine with that. The fall is setting in…. firewood season, walking on the trail…… aahhhh…. I made it!

I’m also feeling fortunate to be in a safe place with so many tragedies unfolding around the world. The storms, the forest fires and the whole planet ending up in the hands of two crazy, stupid, delusional men……. how can that BE? How can they have so much power? It’s insane!

It almost seems as if we are reaching some crescendo. I hope it means a huge change in consciousness to make things better; a revolution, not an apocalypse.


Labourous Day

It doesn’t matter how much you educate people, there are areas of their brains that remain stupid. Questions come out of their mouth that would only take a millisecond to answer for themselves if they only thought about it for that length of time.

You would not believe how many times I’ve had this conversation. Many, many times….. and again last night, working late, tired and lacking any patience.

“What’s this?” pointing to a white birthday cake.

“That’s a vanilla cake.”

“What’s inside of it?”

“Vanilla cake.”

“What’s the filling?”

“Vanilla icing.”

“What’s that?” pointing to the brown cake.

“That’s chocolate cake.”

“What’s inside of it?”

“Chocolate cake.”


It’s all I can do to not interrupt and say, “The white is vanilla and the brown is chocolate” as if I was talking to a child.

Last night I put the wrong label on a chocolate cake. He pointed out, “No, this one is vanilla.”

(Take a deep breath)


This is it. I worked all the long weekend, including Friday. Last night I worked until 10:00 p.m. for the last time ever. Now we close at 9:00.

Today I’m working noon til 5:00 for time and half (holiday pay) and the tourists are leaving en masse! Yay!! My last summer driving to Grand Bend and working so damn hard is over! Thank God I never have to do that again!



When I Retire….

When I retire they won’t call me on my day off and ask me to come in as soon as possible. I will no longer feel any obligation to help them out or need to work that hard for so little money and appreciation.

When I retire everyday will be mine. I’ll have projects to work on instead of just ‘keeping up’ on my days off.

When they called me yesterday at 7:30 a.m., I groaned. It was the second time this week I filled in for someone. I can’t afford to turn down the money and I don’t like to leave my co-workers in the lurch.

When I retire I will not drive to Grand Bend in the summer unless I have to. I’m so sick of driving back and forth. At least after next week I can drive through town and cut down my time by 10 whole minutes. There are countless tourists, trailers, boats, Jeeps with stupid young people and bicycles on the highway with no bicycle paths. Sometimes the whole town is one, big traffic jam.

When I retire I will no longer wear polyester pants or a baseball cap. (I may wear the hairnet in the privacy of my home). I will not spend 7 hours under fluorescent lights, music and announcements. Peace and tranquility will prevail.

When people ask me, “Don’t you want to stay on for a just a couple of days a week?” my answer is emphatically, “NO!”. They will call me in at a moment’s notice. My scheduled days will be bad weather in the winter: that is how it goes. Then there is the summer….. the dreaded summer…… NO! Next summer I am not going there.

When I start getting my Old Age Pension in December, I will be so happy.



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: Start with “WHEN.” Write whatever you’d like, but begin your post with the word “when.” Enjoy!



SoCS; Pant(s)

Today’s SoCS prompt is pant. I always wondered why ‘pants’ is plural; a pair of pants. It must be from when pant legs were separate and you tied them on……. pantaloons? Is there one pantaloon? Apparently not as spell check wants to change that to pantaloons.


Why are pants plural? What is one pant?

I wear pants all the time. Even in summer when it’s very hot, I have light pants that are cool, no shorts, rarely dresses. I have dressy pants so I don’t have to wear dresses.

A few years ago, when I was making aprons, a got some cotton with a snake-skin pattern I loved so I made some pants. They weren’t as easy as I imagined. I took a photo to post on Facebook before I picked them apart and re-sewed them. See? ‘Them’ not ‘it’. Pants are plural.

gosh, that’s almost the new style! I was ahead of my time.


I don’t wear them much now because I put in Velcro instead of a zipper which rips open when I sit down. Zippers are tricky and I have to drive to the city to get one.

Perhaps I’ll make more pants when I’m retired. With zippers.


Solitary Woman

…and I’ll be what I am; a solitary woman.

I live alone, don’t have children and haven’t made any close friends since I moved here 10 years ago. However, I do have family. There’s my sister and her kids and grandkids who I appreciate in my life so much: it would be much lonelier having no one.

But I am not unhappy on my own, in fact, a rather like it. Having lived through a 28 year marriage of yelling, name calling and bullying I really appreciate being able to do whatever I want without ‘getting in trouble’. Watch whatever I want on TV without being ridiculed or yelled at. Eat what I want, when I want. Pay my bills and have a savings account…. my own car. I can go to the bathroom whenever the urge strikes, sit as long as I need, relaxed, with the door open.  Almost every morning of my marriage I silently begged him to hurry up while I held it in agony.

Of course, some people can live this way if they have a good partner (and two bathrooms) and I might love that….. maybe. But often at night I think, ‘I don’t want some guy here.’  I sure don’t want to wake up with someone beside me. That’s where I’m at: I’m a solitary woman.

Now mind you, I would like to have a good friend or boyfriend (with his own house) to hang out with, go to the movies, out for dinner; someone who won’t be there in the morning. But so far I haven’t met anyone I want to hang out with and prefer to be on my own rather than someone I don’t click with.

I’ll tell you one thing for sure is that I have a very peaceful life with periods of happiness…. like when I can stay home all day, by myself. Some of my co-workers who have husband, lovers and kids are living such stressful lives outside of work; sick husbands, fighting kids, unpaid bills: life really is a struggle for most people.

When I was in my bad marriage I used to dream of what my home would be like if I lived alone; I was wrong. I still can’t find scissors when I need them. My bathroom still gets yucky after a few days. My place is still unorganized. I still have many one socks who lost their mate.

But its all mine; my mess, my choices, my preferences….

Don’t know if I will but until I can find me

a guy who’ll   [want to make me happy and thinks I’m the greatest],

I’ll be what I am; a solitary woman.



I know WordPress is going to head my post with big photo of Neil Diamond but, what the heck, it gives context and its a good sing-a-long.