SoCS: poorly

Holy Moly, I had to rush by all the SoCS posts to get to the prompt without being tainted. OK holy is not an adverb.

Really? nope.

Merrily ….. I go about my day.

Actually, I seem to be drawing a blank today.

I confess I looked up adverb in the dictionary. I sort of know what it means but I was hoping it would give me some inspiration. I still only sort of know what it means.

Actually, holy could be an adverb for moly which is garlic. Garlic would keep vampires and bad dudes away if worn around the neck. Funnily enough it kept all dudes away from the wearer. Is it then an adverb? I confess, I don’t know.

I leave this post dejectedly.

Ha! I’m back. I had to headline my post and thought of ‘poorly’ as in; a poorly done post.  That’s what my mom used to say, “Are you feeling poorly?”

That’s opposed to healthy, not wealthy.

I wonder if this lack of inspiration has anything to do with the chocolate cake I made from cannabis butter yesterday. I’ve had this hankering for chocolate cake but I don’t eat eggs so I bought a cake mix, measured out a third so I wouldn’t have to make whole cake, ground up some flax-seed and strained it through a fine strainer.  I used my own cannabis butter in it and also added some to the icing.

It was delicious. I think I fell asleep on the couch around 11:00 and when I woke up James Cordon was ending. Went to bed, slept like the dead and didn’t wake up until 8:45!

Foggily? is that a word?  nope.  I’m ending this post wearily.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ends with -ly.” Start your post with any adverb that ends in “-ly.” Bonus points if you end with an adverb too. Have fun!

SoCS: affirm

It’s Saturday stream of consciousness so I can affirm I’m still here. Haven’t been on writing on WordPress too much although I’m still doing a quick look in the morning because there’s always the FOMO aspect. I don’t have it too bad but it’s like the news…. It would be weird to skip a day.

The reason I haven’t been writing here much is because I found an old childhood friend on Facebook and we’ve been writing: I write in the morning and she writes at night. So that’s been taking up my morning writing time and I don’t want to cut into my jigsaw puzzle time in the afternoon.

Sorry to rub in the retirement thing. I don’t think I need to re-affirm how much I love being retired.

I had things to do on the very, very cold days that just happened. Holy Shit! that was cold. We had Gymnasium Game Fun (sounds like a Chinese translation) at Opening Doors. Played some Frisbee, big dice games and those Velcro ball and catcher mitts. Got nice and warm there, then went onto the grocery store. In there I had thermal inversion because of my warmest coat and started sweating. The liner soaked up my sweat. Then out in the cold again and a very uncomfortable drive home. I had to turn the coat inside out to dry it was so wet.

The sun is starting to hit my couch in the afternoon. There is a place between two cedars where I get full sun about 2:00. Then its topping the rest of the trees; soon it will be full on sunbathing on the couch.

But not today. It’s cloudy but that’s OK! Today Wiarton Willie will affirm that spring will come early. So silly. Come to think of it; he should have done it by now; I’ll go look, although I think Puxatony Pete will probably be more accurate for your area.

OK , its Punxsutawney Phil.  sorry. He saw the sun but Wiarton Willie did not! This is about as accurate as the silly predictors I’ve seen for the Super Bowl win.

Supor Bowl today; do I care? no. I do usually wait for half time but I’m not too exited about that this year. Maroon 5. they are OK: too mediocre to dislike. I’ll watch it anyway because its Americana at its finest. or most entertaining anyway. I’d hate to miss it! you know; FOMO.


JC’s Confessions #1

I think this would be a great new prompt, JC! It should be a ‘join in’!

Top of JC's Mind

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert does a recurring skit, now a best-selling book, called Midnight Confessions, in which he “confesses” to his audience with the disclaimer that he isn’t sure these things are really sins but that he does “feel bad about them.” While Stephen and his writers are famously funny, I am not, so my JC’s Confessions will be somewhat more serious reflections, but they will be things that I feel bad about. Stephen’s audience always forgives him at the end of the segment; I’m not expecting that – and these aren’t really sins – but comments are always welcome.
~ JC

Given that this is the first in what is meant to be a series of posts, I thought it should be a confession that relates to blogging.

So, I confess that, at a time when I have not been a model blogger for months…

View original post 268 more words

SoCS: ad/add/AD

In my world AD means Aunt Do or Aunt Doreen who is 97 and in a nursing home with advanced dementia. AD is what I call her when I’m writing to my sister; “going to see AD today.” We balance out our visits.

I really hope AD can die soon. If that sounds awful, you have never visited anyone in a nursing home with advanced dementia. If her younger version could see herself she would not want to go on like this.

I won’t go into details…. you don’t want to read about that on a Saturday morning.

There is an ad on TV that used to blow my mind it was so ignorant! It went on for a couple of years (!) but I see now they have adjusted it.  Its the Sandals commercials where a white couple is lounging on the beach and a black man, dressed in a black suit and tie and shoes brings them their drinks on the beach.  That poor guy! On a hot beach in a black suit trying to walk through sand with stupid plastic shoes balancing their drinks on a tray.  It infuriates me! It disgusts me.

Well, they ‘fixed’ it finally. He’s now wearing cabana pants and  T-shirt. How ignorant, arrogant and privileged are we?

The growing gap between rich and poor is getting so wide. When it comes to advertising, luxury is the norm. Luxury cars, luxury vacations…. meanwhile the homeless shelters are over capacity.

oh man, what a bummer.  I’m actually in a pretty good mood: thought I’d better add that on.



Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ad/add/AD (Anno Domini).” Use one, use ’em all–bonus points if you fit them all into your post.

SoCS; television

I love television. I watch a lot of television and I’m not ashamed of it. Oh yeah, I know all you television-shaming people saying how it’s all stupid, you should only read books……

I know, I know; sitting and reading and having to use your imagination to produce the pictures and motion is good for your brain. Find and dandy, but there are lots of activities that are good for your brain, too.  Like jigsaw puzzles while listening to podcasts. or crossword puzzles. or learning a new dance.

It’s true; there is a lot of stupid stuff on TV but nobody’s making you watch it. However, sometimes stupid stuff is just what you want. A safe place to scoff at idiots. But there are also a lot of documentaries, science shows and biographies that I would never think of looking up. I watch a lot of smart stuff!

I have been a movie fan ever since babysitting days.  Back in the olden days you could only watch a classic movie at 11:30 p.m., after the news. I watched a lot of old movies waiting for parents to come home.  Later in life it was Elwe Yost and Saturday Night at the Movies on TVO. no commercials!!

Now Turner Classic Movies is my default, go-to channel (right after the Weather Channel).  These movies are every bit as important as books. I think of the number of people who pulled together to make this production, the fashion, the jargon of the day, so much fit into two hours. There are movies I could watch again and again.

I admit you have to pay big bucks to get good stuff and I do. I want HBO and Hollywood Suite (more movies). Then I had to get a whole other thing to set up Netflix. That thingamajig got me YouTube in my living room. Yesterday I watched 6 or 7 ‘how to make dog coats’ for a sewing project I have.

OH yeah, I love television.


SoCS; art

Once I was staying at a friend of my sisters in Toronto. When I walked in I was struck by a painting on his wall. He had quite a lot of great art work, photos of rock celebrities and two china cabinets of interesting collectible knickknacks but this painting was my favourite.

He passed away from cancer and his family went to his apartment to take what was important to them. But as it turned out no one wanted this painting and I ended up getting it. I was so happy because, besides loving it, it was the perfect colours for my living room.

this is on my wall

I was hoping it might be an original and worth something but I found out it was a print. Not only that but the original has much better natural colours in it.

I may have helped bleach it out myself as there is a lamp underneath it. Or it may have been bleached by the sun already: I don’t know. Anyway, I still like it.

in the spring orig
this is the original “In the Spring” by Harold Knight


Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “art.” Talk about something that’s hanging on your wall. Add a picture, if you’d like. If you have no art on your walls, talk about something in a museum. Have fun!

SoCS : jan 5

OMG I almost forgot SoCS. My computer was doing funny things this morning and froze so I shut it down and forgot to come back.

I little while ago I did a “what day is it?” oh yeah Saturday. Saturday!

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sap/sep/sip/sop/sup.” Use one or all of these words or find a word that contains them, but most of all, have fun!

Suppose I didn’t do it this week?  I’m well into my day and its actually sunny! yes, sunny! I don’t want to be a sap and miss best part of the day writing. Back in September, maybe when there’s still lots of sun to sop up.

I’ve got to have a sip of ginger tea and sup on something before I move that treadle machine back to the living room where the Christmas tree was.

Hope you are having a sunny day, too!


SoCS: ask someone else

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ask someone else.” Either ask someone for a prompt word or, if you can’t, turn on a TV or a radio and choose a word from the first sentence you hear. Enjoy!

“ask someone else”? There is no one else. I spend a lot of time alone.

OK, I’m going to turn on the TV now and see what happens:

Seasoning. oh crap now what?  I tuned into a cooking spot on a morning show.

Seasoning to me means following the seasons. I like to do things seasonally to mark the transition of time. Like I get a real tree every Christmas. I decorate and make it all cheery to try to squeeze some joy out of dismally dark season.

I’m already sick of it but I usually wait until New Year’s Day to take it all down to mark bringing in the new year. Christmas decorations after Christmas are like the ‘morning after’.  Sure, it was all diamonds and glamour the night before but now its cheap rhinestones, tacky glitter and sickly feeling of over-indulgence.

Ok so that’s not seasoning. Here’s a seasoning tip; pick up cayenne with a fork. It’s easier to control how much goes in.

…….. that’s all I got.



RDP: cottage

The house I live in would better be described as a winterized cottage. (WordPress doesn’t recognize ‘winterized’: it must be a Canadian thing) It was built over and around a trailer. Some of the older locals still call it “The Trailer” although it hasn’t been one for over 30 years.

There is no basement, its built on cement blocks, which is a blessing as my neighbours basement floods every spring. My  neighbours aren’t beside me, they are in front of me, my driveway is a right-of-way through their driveway. With no dug foundation and not being on the road, my property taxes are very low.

Years ago I was staying at my sister’s on a visit and my niece’s boyfriend was living with them. At that time I was married and lived a couple of hours drive away so I would visit my sister and stay over every once in a while.  That’s when I met J’s boyfriend: He was going to college and had just bought a piece of property with a trailer on it. He and his dad were stripping it down and building a house.

They broke up but got back together and moved into this house. One day I visited while he was starting the foundation for a shed. There was a poured cement foundation and he was building a short wall with granite stones. We smoked a joint and I admired his work. (I love cement)

I think about that almost every time I go into the shed or trim the weeds so the stones aren’t covered. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that this would one day be my shed; that this house would one day be my house.

They had lived here a long time, maybe 10 years or more when my marriage broke up. My niece was ready for a regular house in a town and not be so isolated; I was waiting for my settlement and thinking how perfect this isolated cottage would be for me. This area was much cheaper than where I was from and we had 2½ acres on a river so I was able to buy this place in full; no mortgage. (My ex re-mortgaged our home to buy me out; he still has a mortgage.)

There are so many things about this house that are so perfect for me it’s like it was build for me. I’ll stay here as long as I can look after it or have to give up driving…. whichever comes first.  Then I will sell it as a cottage: it would be a great cottage!

Funny story: a year or so after I moved here I was at a neighbours party. Someone (who was quite drunk) asked me where I lived and I told them. He said, “No! Some old lady bought it off the little girl.”

“Yea, I’m the old lady and the little girl is my niece”

Isn’t life funny?

SoCS: tinsel

When I was a kid we used to put tinsel on the Christmas tree. It was something I was allowed to do after the very fragile balls were all hung. It required great patience to put them on one strand at time so they hung loose and didn’t rest on lower branches.

My job after Christmas was to take them off one strand at a time and try to put then back on the cardboard they came on without breaking. Back in the 50’s the tinsel was made of aluminum foil so they broke easily but my very frugal mom insisted we try our best to save them for years to come. Most people just tossed the tree with the tinsel still on it and bought more every year.  We would save little broken pieces.

By the 60’s they invented plastic tinsel covered in silver. They were much easier to  take off and save, didn’t wrinkle and would hang for years and years if you had a picky little kid to take off every strand, wrap it around the cardboard hook and carefully bag it up for the next year. I will bet my parents never bought more than two packages, maybe not even two come to think of it.

However, people were throwing away their trees with plastic tinsel on them which got to be a problem. I’m not sure if it was actually banned but tinsel went out of use.

That’s why I started to collect icicles. Tinsel had always been the finishing touch. It moved and sparkled. The Christmas tree is just not the same without icicles which is what tinsel was supposed to be.

When I was still collecting decorations I would buy them Boxing Day half price and put them away for next year. Then every year I would pull out my new forgotten stuff and be delighted all over again. I was always on the lookout for good icicles.

My stream of consciousness ends here because it’s no longer about tinsel.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “tin.” Use it as a word or find a word with “tin” in it, and base your post on that word. Bonus points if you start your post with that word. Enjoy!